General Information
Pairing: Mariana Adams Foster and Zac Rogers
Kind of Pairing: Friendship/Romantic
Status: Broken Up
Other Names: Mac

Zariana (Zac/Mariana) is the romantic pairing of Zac Rogers and Mariana Adams Foster.

Zariana first kiss


Mariana and Zac's first meet during the episode House and Home. Zac and Mariana are both helping out 


Zariana is the romantic/friendship pairing of Zac Rogers and Mariana Foster. They both worked on the school play together as the crew.

House and HomeEdit

  • Zac first talks to Mariana when she first arrives to the play meet.
  • Zac attempts to make conversation with Mariana who doesn't seem interested due to the fact that she has a crush on the male lead and senior Chase.
  • Zac seems a little taken aback when he notices that Mariana is paying attention to Chase.
  • Zac offers his hand to Mariana when he introduced himself.
  • Zac says to Mariana "Don't feel too bad he knows everyone's name...I mean, except mine." as if he was jealous by Mariana's interest in Chase.