Wariana (Wyatt/Mariana) is the name of the friendly/romantic pairing between Mariana Adams Foster and Wyatt.

General Information
Pairing: Mariana Adams Foster and Wyatt
Kind of Pairing: Friendly; Sexual
Status: Friendly
Other Names: Myatt

Moments Edit

Wreckage Edit

  • Mariana and Wyatt have sex.

Father's Day Edit

  • Mariana confides in Ana about her regret over having sex with Wyatt.

Déjà Vu Edit

  • Mariana and Wyatt playfully message each other.

More Than Words Edit

  • Mariana sees Wyatt at the beach and leaves before he can see her.

Going South Edit

  • Mariana fears that she's pregnant, but isn't. (spoiler alert!)
  • Mariana tells her moms about having sex with Wyatt.

It's My Party Edit

  • Wyatt and Mariana finally talk face to face since the time they had sex.
  • Mariana tells Wyatt that Callie doesn't know they hooked up, and that she had a boyfriend when they did.
  • Wyatt asks Mariana out.
  • Mariana agrees to go out with Wyatt.
  • After Lena tells Mariana that Callie isn't comfortable with Mariana dating Wyatt, Mariana tells Wyatt they can't go out because of it.
  • Upset, Wyatt yells at Callie for controlling his relationship prospects. He then tells her that he and Mariana hooked up.
  • Mariana and Callie argue over Mariana lying about having sex with Wyatt.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Mariana loses her virginity to Wyatt in Wreckage.
  • Wyatt did not know that Mariana was dating someone when they hooked up.
  • Wyatt asks Mariana out in It's My Party.