Ty Hensdale
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Alive
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father (deceased)

Iris Hensdale (grandmother; deceased)
AJ Hensdale (younger brother)

Production Information
First appearance: Faith, Hope, Love
Last appearance: Sex Ed
Portrayer: Chris Warren

Tyrone Christopher "Ty" Hensdale is a recurring character on Freeform's The Fosters. the older brother of AJ Hensdale. The brothers got separated when Ty grew out of the system, but reconnected in It's My Party and Faith, Hope, Love. He is revealed to be the one responsible for the car accident with Ana, Mariana, and Jesus. He makes his first appearance in Faith, Hope, Love.

Ty is portrayed by Chris Warren.


His mother is in an institution for the mentally ill while his father is dead. The details surrounding these incidents are not known. He and his older brother, Ty, following these events, began to live with their grandmother until she was put into a nursing home due to being diagnosed with dementia, resulting in them being put into the foster system. They both remained there all their lives.

However, Ty eventually aged out of the system while AJ remained in it.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Ty has brown hair, brown eyes, and brown skin.



Appearances (7/101)Edit

Season 3 (6/20)

Season 4 (1/20)


  • He and his brother had a "bat signal" when in foster homes that they would stick on their windows to indicate to meet up at the park.


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