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Will Liam be convicted of raping Callie?

  • Liam is a 20 year old college student who raped Callie when he was 19 and she 14-15. Callie told Brandon about Liam raping her. He acted as a true bother to Callie wanting more of her. He made sure she wasn't left out and could be comfurtable with his family. After one night, Liam asked Callie if she wanted to do it. After she rejected his offer saying she wasn't ready, he raped her. Liam was grooming Sarah as well preparing to do the same once again. Callie felt guilty that it was her fault for the rape. She then tells Stef and Lena about Liam. It was revealed that Stef took Callie's statement and filed a rape police report. It was also said that Sarah was removed from the Olmstead's family. In the next episode on Monday, I Do, there's a court hearing for the rape charge against Liam.

    If Callie tells the truth despite the insufficient evidence of the rape, do you think Liam will or will not be convicted of the rape charge?

    Tell me what you think!

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