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About The Fosters

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Lena and Stef are the Foster; an interracial lesbian couple who are raising a biological son along with several other adoptive children. Lena is an altruistic school principal, who is determined to save children. She decides to take in Callie, a "troubled" teen with an abusive past whose ways will turn the family lives upside down. Stef is a tough yet kind police officer who isn't as eager to add to their family. Lena tries to introduce new children to the family, not always with Stef's knowledge. It is an American drama series on ABC Family that premiered on June 3, 2013.

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Lena is excited that her family is coming together to throw her a 70s-themed 40th birthday party. But, when Lena’s mom Dana (guest star Lorraine Toussaint, “Orange Is the New Black”) shares her suspicions about Stewart’s (guest star Bruce Davison, “X-Men”) behavior, it threatens to put a damper on the festivities. Convinced her former foster brother Kyle has been wrongly convicted of murder, Callie and Aaron try to track down a witness in the case. Mariana and her female STEM club teammates compete for an invite to the Regional Robotics Competition. Meanwhile, Jude is hurt to discover that Connor came to town and didn’t tell him, and Brandon considers drastic measures to make extra money.


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The Adam's Fosters must face the consequence of Jude's mistake. Aaron finds out about Callie's past. Meanwhile, after being banned from seeing Jude by Callie, Noah demands to see his boyfriend.


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Meet the Characters



An offbeat, beautiful teen, Callie has spent her life in the foster care system. She’s been hardened by bad experiences and is slow to accept her new surroundings when she moves in with the Fosters on a temporary basis. Defiant and tough, but with a sensitive soul, Callie warms to Lena but is icy to Stef, who, as a cop, puts Callie on edge.

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