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About The Fosters

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Lena and Stef are the Foster; an interracial lesbian couple who are raising a biological son along with several other adoptive children. Lena is an altruistic school principal, who is determined to save children. She decides to take in Callie, a "troubled" teen with an abusive past whose ways will turn the family lives upside down. Stef is a tough yet kind police officer who isn't as eager to add to their family. Lena tries to introduce new children to the family, not always with Stef's knowledge. It is an American drama series on ABC Family that premiered on June 3, 2013.

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New York

While in New York City for his audition at Juilliard, Brandon meets a young woman who forces him to re-examine his life; Stef and Lena make an announcement that shocks the family; Callie's friendship with Aaron creates tension between her and AJ.


The Fosters intertitle
Collateral Damage

Callie and the family run a "Justice for Jack" booth at a music festival to try and stop Justina's foster care bill; Mariana sees Nick and makes a run for it; Stef's inquiries into Kyle's case could lead to repercussions at her job.


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Meet the Characters


Brandon Foster

An intense, attractive and talented teen, Brandon is Stef’s biological son, a solid student with a passion for piano. Brandon has a warm bond with his two moms and his adoptive siblings, but is a bit taken aback by the defiant, wounded Callie, the newest addition to the household.

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