General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Occupation(s): Student
Status: Alive
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Saŕa (half sister)
Seth (half brother)
Friends: Daria (best friend)
Jude Adams Foster (best friend)
Connor Stevens (friend)
Noah (friend) Mat Tan
Relationships Jude Adams Foster
Pet(s): Dog named Simone
Personal Information
Education: Anchor Beach Community Charter School
Production Information
First appearance: Light of Day
Latest appearance: Engaged
Portrayer: Izabela Vidovic

Taylor is a recurring character on The Fosters. Taylor is a classmate of Jude and is best friends with Daria. She is a straightforward, somewhat blunt yet friendly young girl, proving to be the opposite of her best friend. She quickly caught on to Jude and Connor's romance, but easily accepted it. She has become one of Jude's new friends in season 2; after Jude came out, they continue their friendship.

In season 4, Taylor introduces Jude to Noah, a boy from her Church Youth Group. Jude accuses her of bringing him to Youth Group because Noah is gay. Taylor admits that she hoped Jude would like Noah, or have him as a friend. A few days later at Lena's party, Taylor takes a picture of Jude and Noah together after she says "cuteness overload". She makes her first appearance in Light of Day.

Taylor is portrayed by Izabela Vidovic.


She lives with both of her parents. Taylor is shown to have been best friends with Daria for an implied long time despite their polar opposite and seemingly clashing personalities. However, they are clearly close and appear to often confide in one another.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Taylor has shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and pale skin. She maintains somewhat of a plain appearance. 


Taylor always seems to help her friends out whenever they need her.


Light of Day


Taylor as she tells Jude that she is cool with being lab partners despite being "sexiled".

After Jude is convinced by Connor to switch lab partners so that Connor can be partnered with his his new girlfriend, Daria, Jude teams up with Daria's best friend, Taylor. As he sits next to her, she comments on how it sucks being "sexiled" when your best friend ditches you for their "new boo". Jude awkwardly asks how long Daria and Connor have been together, to which Taylor answers "like 5 minutes ago", but are, according to Daria, really close. Taylor tells him that she's okay being partners with Jude as long as he is, to which Jude agrees.

During lunch, Jude looks for a spot to sit. He is then called by Daria and invited to join her, Taylor, and Connor for lunch. Daria soon talks about a new movie coming out and convinces everyone to attend the movie as a double date. Daria then leaves to go to the bathroom while dragging Taylor in tow with her, leaving Jude and Connor alone.

640 fosters movies

Taylor with Daria, Connor and Jude at the movies.

At the movies and being convinced by Daria to sit in the back, with Daria on the end and Connor next to her and Jude and Taylor beside them, Taylor tells Jude how if Daria and Connor start making out then it's going to be pretty awkward sitting next to them. Jude sarcastically remarks it won't be weird for him at all before the movie begins to play. When Jude and Connor share a flirtatious moment together by secretly holding hands, Taylor and Daria are oblivious to it - simply watching the movie.

Now Hear This

At school, Taylor takes note of Jude's disdain as Connor and Daria make out. Taylor tries helping him out by telling him how she pretends to be watching "a super boring documentary on the mating rituals of merekats" and eventually, to her, it's like they're not even there. However, she is also fed up with the couple's make out session, and she interrupts them with a loud, "Hey!". Taylor then asks the question if they would like to go on a double date to the fair before it closed after the weekend.


Taylor inviting the group to go to the fair.

Daria reveals that she and Connor already have plans to go to the pier, but insists Taylor and Jude go together themselves. However, Connor cuts this suggestion off with, "The fair sounds fun!", causing Daria to look at him in confusion. Jude says he can't go since he has family plans all weekend, on a whim, saying that they are going camping. Connor brings up that Jude and his family just went camping. Jude snaps that they're going again and leaves. Taylor and everyone else look confused at this outburst.

Justify the Means


Taylor observing Jude and Connor interact with one another.

Outside Anchor Beach, she is seen working on a school assignment before taking note of Jude and Connor together. She watches as the two interact with one another, taking a mental note, before going back to her school work. Sometime after this, she, Daria, Connor, and Jude sneak out to teepee a girl's house. She is seen having fun as the group teepee's the house and running off to avoid getting caught by the family that lives there.


Taylor telling Jude she knows about his feelings Connor.

Later, Jude sits beside Taylor on a bench and asks where Connor and Daria went, the two having left the group. Taylor remarks how they could be having sex, shocking Jude. She says they currently aren't, but adds that Daria wants to lose her virginity. Taylor then tries to kiss Jude, who backs away. When he tries apologizing, she says he doesn't have to explain. Taylor states that he has a crush on Connor. Before Jude can respond, Connor and Daria arrive back on the scene where Jude and Taylor stand up.


Taylor proposing the group "break into" her house for her dad's booze.

Jude tries saying he should leave, much to Connor's disappointment, but Taylor brings up how her father has "tons of booze" and proposes that they break in and steal some. She urges the group to go get "get drunk and make out". She then looks pointedly at Jude while gesturing her head to Connor while saying this, who is grinning at Jude. A hesitant Jude then joins them in sneaking into Taylor's house.

Despite Jude's attempted discouragement, Connor ends up taking a swig from a bottle of whiskey retrieved from Taylor's house bar. Connor hands the bottle to Jude, who reluctantly takes a swig as well. As he coughs at the taste, Taylor's dad hears the noise and shouts out, causing Jude to drop the bottle, promptly shattering it. Taylor says how that is her dad and tells them to hurry and get out. The kids try to flee from the house, only for her father to run out from the bedroom and shoot at them.

Not That Kind of Girl


Taylor offering to leave Jude a message for Connor.

At school, Taylor runs into Jude. He asks how she's doing, and she tells him how everyone is labelling her father as a 'psycho murderer' online. She tells him how guilty her dad feels about shooting Connor and hasn't even gotten out of bed yet. She asks how Jude is doing as well and he tells her how he isn't allowed to see Connor, who has supposedly blamed the entire incident on him.

Taylor is confused after hearing this and asks if he has talked to Connor personally. Jude tells her that Connor isn't answering his text messages. She suggests Connor's father took his phone away, but Jude is still upset as to why Connor would blame him for what happened. Taylor tells him that she and her father are going to see Connor, in order to apologize, and offers to leave him a message. Jude tells her to simply ask Connor 'why'.

At home, while doing homework, Jude receives a text message from Taylor's number. However, it is soon revealed to be Connor texting Jude using Taylor's cell phone. Taylor gave Connor her cellphone so that Connor could contact Jude.


Normal 0047

Taylor annoyed with Connor.

At school, Daria and Taylor come up and see Connor, who says hi. Daria, emotional, demands to know why he broke up with her. Connor doesn't have an answer, and she tells him to just forget it and storms off. Taylor stays behind and asks Connor why he can't just tell her that he is into Jude, remarking that it's "completely obvious". This statment leaves Connor at a loss for words, who simply tells her that he can't. Taylor takes this in, before she leaves in annoyance.

Normal 0081

Taylor confessing to telling the school about Connor and Jude's relationship.

Later, at the Anchor Beach party, she and Daria watch as Connor deals with a rude male classmate making a comment on his relationship with Jude, openly admitting to dating Jude and getting him to back off. Seeing how upset Jude is to have his relationship exposed to their school mates, she intervenes as Jude assumes Connor told - revealing herself as the one who told everyone. Jude is visibly hurt at learning this, as Taylor insists how she sincerely thought to be helping as she assumed Connor didn't want to come out. Hence, she figured if everyone knew about Connor then no one would care since it was him. Despite this, Jude is still upset before taking off in a huff.

Father's Day

She is briefly mentioned, though not by name, when Adam Stevens confronts Connor about being out as gay at school. Connor tells him that he didn't come out by choice and simply got outed. When Adam asks by who, Connor says "a classmate" had outed him.

Kingdom Come

Appearances (16/92)Edit

Season 2 (4/20)

Season 3 (2/20)

Season 4 (5/20)

Season 5 (5/10)


  • She was the one who outs Jude and Connor's relationship at school in Wreckage. Under the belief that Connor was the one who didn't want to come out, she thought to be helping since she figured no one would care if they knew.
  • Taylor appears to be very observant, quickly catching onto Jude and Connor's romance in season 2 based on observations from their interactions with each other. 
  • When Jude and Connor are briefly banned from seeing each other, Taylor loaned her cell phone to Connor. He then used her cell phone to contact Jude and come out to him as gay.(Jude is later questioning his own sexuality, and is later revealed to be bi-sexual because he kisses Taylor And then dates her.)


Light of Day
Taylor: "Sucks getting sexiled."
Jude: "Sexiled?"
Taylor: "When your friend leaves you hanging for their new boo."
Jude: "When did they become... boos?"
Taylor: "Like five minutes ago. But, if you ask Daria, they're OTP. But, hey, I'm down with being partners. If you are."
Jude: "Yeah, uh, totally down."

Now Hear This
(Connor and Daria make out as Jude and Taylor watch)
Taylor (to Jude): "You'll get used to it. I just pretend like I'm watching a super boring documentary about, like, the mating rituals of meerkats. And then it's like they're not even here."
(Casts annoyed glare at Daria and Connor)
Taylor: "Hey!"
(Connor and Daria stop making out and look at her)
Taylor: "Have any of you guys been to the fair yet? It's the last weekend. I was thinking we could all go tomorrow?"
Daira: "Well, we're going to the pier. But... you guys should totally go!"
Connor: "The fair sounds fun!" (Daria looks at him in confusion) "We can go the pier any time."

Justify the Means
Jude (after teepeeing, to Taylor about Connor and Daria): "Where'd they go?"
Taylor: "Who knows. Maybe they're having sex."
Jude: "They're having sex?"
Taylor: "Well, not yet. But Daria's dying to lose her virginity. At least, that's what she told me."
(Taylor tries to kiss Jude, who backs away)
Jude: "Um...!"
Taylor: "It's okay."
Jude: "It's just that-"
Taylor: "It's cool. It's cool... you have a crush on Connor."
(Connor and Daria arrive back)
Connor: "Hey!"
(Jude and Taylor stand up)
Jude: "I should go home."
Connor: "Wait, weren't we gonna-"
Jude: "We're not."
Taylor: "Come on. My dad has tons of booze. Let's break in and steal some."
Daria: "You can't break into your own house."
Taylor: "Well, he thinks I'm spending the night at your house. So, it's kind of like breaking in."
Daria: "Except you have a key."
Taylor: "Why do you gotta take the fun out of everything? Come on, let's get drunk and make out."
(Looks at Jude and gestures her head to Connor, who is grinning at him)

(The two walking along the beach at the Anchor Beach end of school year dance as Connor struggles in his crutches)
Jude: "You got it?"
Connor: "Yeah."
Male classmate: "Okay, wait, wait! So, you guys are gay for each other?"
Connor: "Yeah, so what? You have something you want to say about it?"
Male classmate: "Nah, man. It's all good. I just heard and I thought-"
Connor: "You thought what?"
Male classmate: "Nothing, man. It's cool."
Connor: "Get out of my face!"
(Male classmate leaves)
Daria (who is nearby watching with Taylor): "I knew it wasn't me!"
Taylor: "Shut up, Daria!"
Jude: "I thought we weren't going to say anything!"
Taylor: "Don't be mad at Connor! It wasn't him. It was me."
Connor: "What?"
Taylor: "Well, I thought I was helping. I thought you were the one who didn't wanna come out. So, I figured nobody was gonna care. I'm sorry."



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