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Stef Foster

Stef Foster.

This page is about Stef Foster's quotations during her episodes appearances.

Season OneEdit


Stef and Mike's boss: "Starting tomorrow, I will pair you up with Mike here."
Stef: "(laughs) Ma'am..."
Stef and Mike's boss: "Is there a problem?"
Stef: "No, that's not a problem. May I ask, why?"
Mike: "I asked."
Stef: "You did?"
Mike: "Is that cool?"
Stef: "Um... can I think about it?"
Stef and Mike's boss: "No."
Stef: "(laughing) Alright, it's very cool. It's a great idea on your part. Alright."
Stef and Mike's boss: "Okay, get out my office."

− Stef discovering that Mike will be her new partner.


Mariana: "I didn't have time to do my hair."
Stef: "Well, it's too late now, sweetie."
Mariana: "We still have fifteen minutes."
Stef: "No, no, no. You guys have to walk to school today, we have a thing."
Mariana: "Okay, I'm not going to school with my hair like this."
Stef: "Well, then you're not going anywhere, ever again."

− Mariana and Stef about going to school.

Hostile ActsEdit

Brandon: "Dad kinda ask me to move in with him today.
Stef: "Well he never mentioned anything to me. I really think he should have talked to me first."
Brandon: "Yea, I guess."
Stef: "Well, don’t worry about it. I’ll talk to him."
Brandon: "Okay…..I said I’ll think about it. You know."
Stef: "Well there’s nothing really to think about.It’s not your choice.It’s not really your father’s either for that matter."

-Brandon telling Stef that Mike asked him to move in with him.


Stef: "Hey, Callie! How was your day?"
Callie: "Eam... it was good."

− Stef asking Callie about her day.

Mariana: "So, Callie. You know my friend Kelsey?"
Callie: "Oh, the one who lied and said I sold her drugs?"
Mariana: "Yeah, well... she's in rehab."
Callie: "I'm sorry to hear that."
Mariana: "So, do you want to take her place in my court?"
Stef: "I think that is a great idea, Mariana. Eam... Wha-what do you think Callie?"
Callie: "Sure, I guess."
Mariana: "It's gonna be fun."
Jesus: "Like eating glass."
Stef: "Hey, shut it."

– Stef telling Mariana to ask Callie to be in her court.

The Morning AfterEdit

Lena: "Oh my god!"
Stef: "What?"
Lena: "I meant to pick up some guacamole from that place you love."
Stef: "Oh its so good too."
Lena: "Sorry, Mariana called me, then Jude needed me for something and I just forgot."
Stef: "Remember when you used to love me?"
Lena: "Don't do that it makes me feel terrible."
Stef: "I guess, salsa will be fine, I just."

– Stef and Lena talking about guacamole.


The FalloutEdit


Stef: "Hey, I wanted you to know that I spoke with Bill, and Sarah has been removed from the Olmsteads' and I have a friend at the dna office that I'm talking to about Liam I will let you know what happens but uh, I just wanted you to know."
Callie: "Okay."
Stef: "Okay."

– Stef talking to Callie about Liam.


Stef: "Will you marry me?"
Lena: "I thought you would never ask."

– Stef asking Lena to marry her.

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