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It just made me feel so hopeless. Like, I was never going to be normal.
Sophia talking about her personality disorder to Callie in The End of the Beginning
Sophia Quinn
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July 15, 2000
Family & Friends
Family: Robert Quinn Senior (paternal grandfather)
Robert Quinn (father)
Jill Quinn (mother)
Callie Adams Foster (paternal half-sister)
Personal Information
Interests: Horseback Riding
Vulnerabilities: Coping with depression
Production Information
First appearance: Things Unknown
Last appearance: Collateral Damage
Portrayer: Bailee Madison

Sophia Quinn is the daughter of Robert and Jill Quinn and paternal half-sister to Callie Adams Foster. She first appeared in Things Unknown.


Sophia is the half-sister of Callie Jacob through that of their shared birth father Robert Quinn. She likes horse-riding, has an interest in fashion and thinks her dog is the most adorable thing ever. She is very excitable and bubbly, but in Over Under it is revealed that she has suicidal thoughts.

After getting to know Callie, she immediately grew attached to her and told her father how she wished they could adopt her. She also wondered what it would be like if her father had stayed with Callie's mother, Colleen Jacob and how things would have turned out. After her true suicidal feelings are brought to light, she is entered into professional help and begins making positive progress.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sophia has slightly olive skin, curly brown hair, and almond shaped brown eyes. Sophia has a striking resemblance to her half-sister Callie, however, there are slight differences between the two in terms of fashion and style. For example, Callie dresses very casually and comfortably whereas Sophia's style is much more high maintenance and girly. She wears a lot of bright colored clothing (consisting of pinks, yellows, and purples).


Sophia has demonstrated suicidal tendencies along with desperately craving Callie's approval shortly after learning of her existence and personally meeting her. This is displayed in Over Under when she responded to Callie's refusal to forgive her for sabotaging her adoption process by the Fosters by walking straight into traffic - almost getting hit by a car and causing it to crash into another to avoid hitting her. In Someone's Little Sister, she appeared to attempt to drown herself when Callie called her "a spoiled brat".

Callie soon admits to Sophia's parents that the car crash she caused was not an accident, to which Sophia admits her suicidal thoughts, much to her parents devastation. In Light of Day, she is mentioned to be in a mental health facility and is believed by the doctors to have a depression disorder. She soon returns in the season 2 finale, where she admits to feeling good again, but has insecurities regarding her mental disorder.


Things Unknown
She appeared for the first time in Things Unknown with her dad in his car, getting a milkshake from him.

Take Me Out
She writes Callie a letter excited to learn that Callie is her sister and she wants to meet Callie.

Say Something
Sophia meets Callie for the first time, she seems very excited and asks Callie a lot of questions, she then takes Callie up to her room and tells her what she likes to ride horses, she learns that Callie has a boyfriend, they then make plans to go shopping.

Truth Be Told
Sophia comes to visit Callie to drop off and give her a jacket that is just like hers. She seems really excited to see Callie again.

The Longest Day
Callie and Jude join the Quinns, including Sophia, on their boat, where they spend a day sailing.

Someone's Little Sister
Sophia and her family agree to host a fundraiser for Girls United at their home. Sophia objects when her parents and Callie decide to only mention Callie as a 'friend', and asks if Callie can spend the night at their house the night before the fundraiser. The Quinns agree, and the night before the party, the girls bond, talking, and even sharing Sophia's bed. After Callie gives a speech revealing that Robert is her father and Sophia is her sister, Sophia pulls her aside, telling her that she has taken Callie's abandonment papers out of the mail, and has destroyed them, telling her that it's not too late for them to be a family. Callie becomes angry, calling Sophia an 'spoiled brat', and runs out. Sophia, visibly upset, locks herself in the bathroom.

Over Under
Sophia attempts to drown herself in the bathroom. When the her parents try to get custody of Callie, she goes with them to the judge and seems hurt when Callie says she doesn't want to see her. Later Sophia goes to Callie's work to apologize, but Callie says 'there is nothing she could say to make her forgive her'. Sophia responds saying that if Callie doesn't forgive her, she'd kill herself, but Callie thinks Sophia is being melodramatic. Sophia walks into the traffic and almost gets hit by car. When Sophia's parents come she tells them she walked in the traffic by accident, but Callie tells them Sophia tried to kill herself. Sophia then admits to her parents that 'sometimes she just wants to die' and that 'she doesn't think she can do this anymore'.

The End of the Beginning

Appearances (11/82)Edit

Season 2 (8/21)

Season 3 (2/20)

Season 4 (1/20)


  • Sophia is the second daughter of Robert Quinn via his second marriage to Jill Quinn
  • She likes riding horses and was given a horse by her grandfather, but she decides to donate him to a charity where children are taught to ride horses due to no longer riding him like she used to when she was younger.
  • Sophia was born on July 15th.
  • It is said she suffers from a personality disorder, hence her often suidical tendencies, which is soon confirmed in the season 2 finale. 
  • In the show, Sophia and Callie have an almost exact resemblance, a detail that is often mentioned by various characters, due to being sisters. In real life, actresses Bailee Madison (Sophia) and Maia Mitchell (Callie Jacob) are not related and their similar appearances are possibly a result of good casting. 
  • Sophia has mentioned that she has a nanny.



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