Someone's Little Sister
General Information
Members: Lou Chan

Mat Tan (guitarist)
Brandon Foster (Former pianist)
Jasper (drums)

Formed: Prior to Take Me Out
Type: Indie rock

Someone's Little Sister is an indie-rock band consisting of Lou, Brandon, Mat and Jasper.

They first appear in Take Me Out. The band is familiar with Emma, who brought along Jesus, Brandon, Callie and Mariana to one of their concerts.




Lou Chan Singer/Bass
Brandon Foster Pianist
Mat Tan Guitarist
Jasper Drums




Outlaws Brandon Foster ft. Lou Chan
Never Fading Out Lou Chan
Tomorrow's Never Gone Lou Chan
Sweet Piece of Candy Lou Chan
Crossfire Brandon Foster and Lou Chan
Collateral Damage Brandon Foster ft. Lou Chan

Clips Edit

The Fosters - 2x03 Clip-"Outlaws" by Someone's Little Sister02:26

The Fosters - 2x03 Clip-"Outlaws" by Someone's Little Sister

how are you paly brand okay

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