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General Information
Gender: Female
Family & Friends
Family: Stef Adams Foster (daughter)
Lena Adams Foster (daughter-in-law)
Brandon Foster (grandson)
Jesus Adams Foster (adoptive grandson)
Mariana Adams Foster (adoptive granddaughter)
Jude Adams Foster (adoptive grandson)
Callie Adams Foster (adoptive granddaughter)
Francesca Adams Foster (unborn granddaughter; deceased)
Relationships Frank Cooper (ex-husband; deceased)
Will (boyfriend)
Production Information
First appearance: I Do
Last appearance: Under Water
Portrayer: Annie Potts

Sharon Elkin is the mother of Stef Adams Foster and the ex-wife of Frank Cooper. She makes her first appearance in I Do.

She is portrayed by Annie Potts.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sharon has short strawberry blonde hair. She is shorter than her ex-husband, Frank, and her daughter, Stef.


I Do She volunteers to help Stef and Lena with the wedding, and ends up fighting with Lena's mother, Dana, over the floral arrangements. She also tries to push her ex-husband, Frank Cooper, into attending Stef and Lena's wedding.

The Honeymoon


Appearances (8/62)Edit

Season 1 (3/21)

Season 2 (1/21)

Season 3 (4/20)



Stef Foster is Sharon's daughter and only child. She is accepting of her daughter's sexual orientation and is supportive of her.

Frank CooperEdit

Frank is Sharon's ex-husband. They divorced for unknown reasons.


  • She is divorced from Frank Foster.
  • She seems to accept that Stef is gay, unlike her ex-husband Frank.




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