Sarah Lewis
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Family & Friends
Family: Liam Olmstead (ex-foster brother)
Mrs. Olmstead (ex-foster mother)
Mr. Olmstead (ex-foster father)
Production Information
First appearance: Saturday (106)
Last appearance: Not That Kind of Girl (220)
Portrayer: Mary Mouser

Sarah Lewis is a girl from Callie's foster therapy group who used to live with Liam's family. Not much is known about her. She is portrayed by Mary Mouser.


Sarah is a foster child in Callie's foster child therapy group sessions who was staying with Liam and his parents. Callie takes an interest in Sarah in Saturday, when she listens to Sarah with the rest of the group in the session, when Sarah talks about her foster experience so far with the Olmsteads, her foster family.

When Callie invites her to hang out afterwards, Sarah is confused, awkward, and scared when Callie accidentally reveals her connection to Liam by saying his name, because Sarah didn't mention it at all. She then leaves abruptly. Later in the episode, Liam himself appears at Wyatt's house party, and confronts Callie, telling her to stay away from Sarah. And to leave

Physical Appearance

Sarah has brown long hair with blue eyes. 



Sarah is shown at the foster therapy group, sharing her experience with the rest of the group. She explains that she likes it in her new home - even if it's only temporary. Later on when Callie asks her to join her for some coffee, she said she would have to ask her foster mom. They later meet up in the park and talk some more. When Callie accidentally says Liam's name, Sarah is horrified because she never told Callie his name. She rushes off in a hurry.

The Fallout In this episode, Sarah is shown on her way to her foster group therapy class when Callie comes to intercept her to try and be nicer to her. Sarah immediately pushes Callie away and says that Liam doesn't want her near her or talking to her. In the group therapy class, Callie begins to share her story of how Liam treated her in their foster home together. Sarah, frustrated by Callie trying to indirectly tell her something about Liam, grabs her stuff and runs out of the class with Callie following in pursuit, much to the chagrin of the group therapist.

Outside the building, Sarah yells at Callie, claiming that Liam warned her about Callie trying to pull something like that on her and not to listen to her words. As Callie tries to comfort her and get her to come back home with her so that they can tell the truth of Liam's true self, Sarah says that it'd be no use as Liam really does love her and that Callie will get no one to believe her story. Despite insisting that Liam doesn't truly care for any of her feelings and is just using her, like he did to her when she was with him, Sarah refuses to believe her. She then runs off, disturbed by Callie and her "jealousy".

Clean Although she didn't make an appearance, it was mentioned by Stef at the beginning of the episode that Sarah was removed from the Olmstead's house.

Appearances (3/101)

Season 1 (2/21)

Season 2 (1/21)


  • She was in foster group therapy with Callie.
  • She mentions that her foster father is obsessed with golf. 
  • Sarah is said to be younger than Callie and Brandon.
  • As of Clean, Sarah is removed from the Olmstead's house, but she continued to date Liam


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