Sally Benton
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. Benton (father)
Mrs. Benton (mother)
Friends: Mariana Adams Foster (friend)
Brandon Foster (possible enemy)
Personal Information
Interests: Her community garden
Education: Anchor Beach Community Charter School
Vulnerabilities: Potentially coming out
Production Information
First appearance: Mixed Messages
Last appearance: Kingdom Come
Portrayer: Pepi Sonuga

Sally Benton is a minor character in the third season of the Freeform series, The Fosters. She is currently the student body president and a representative in Anchor Beach's Honor Board. She asks Mariana to join the Honor Board, when Mariana loses the election for junior class president against Lexi. She makes her first appearance in Mixed Messages.

Sally is portrayed by Pepi Sonuga.


Sally is a smart, high-achieving senior student. Towards the end of EQ, she tells Lena that the principal, Monte Porter, kissed her.

It was revealed in Sixteen that Sally was the one who tried to kissed Monte and Monte refused it. Sally hid this because she was afraid of being herself versus being who her parents wanted her to be.

Physical Appearance

Sally is a bright, pretty girl with dark, curly hair. In Sixteen, before Lena discovers Sally is hiding her own secret, Stef makes a comment about Monte having a type, meaning that Sally and Lena are similar in appearance.


Mixed Messages

Fost312 1734

Sally breaks up a debate that gets heated between Mariana and Lexi, who are both running for junior class president.

Under Water

Sally approaches Mariana after the election and tells her that she thought Mariana should have won. Mariana says thank you and Sally asks if Mariana would be a part of her administration as chair of the honor board. Mariana happily agrees and they thank each other.

Minor Offenses

Fost315 0699

In Lena's office, Sally is presenting the student council's community outreach project to Lena and Monte. She proposes that they take a space in City Heights and turn it into a park and a community garden. Monte is impressed. Sally also asks that if she oversees the design and execution of the project, it could also be her senior thesis. Monte says she doesn't see why not, but Lena says that is against the rules because since the school funds the outreach program, it could be perceived that they are funding her thesis. Sally looks disappointed but says she'll think of something else. Monte suggests that she gets the materials donated, and Lena says that could work. Sally is enthusiastic about Monte's suggestion and thanks her.

Fost315 2630

The next day, Monte and Sally are in Lena's office and Sally reveals to Lena that they got all the materials donated thanks to Monte. Lena asks why thanks to Monte. Sally tells her that Monte came with her to the garden store and worked her magic on them. Sally asks Lena if this can be her thesis now, and Lena replies that she doesn't see why not. Sally looks excited and thanks Monte again.


Fost316 1407

In the hallways, Brandon sees a petition with Sally Benton's signature on the wall to stop his play, R&J (Romeo and Juliet). He confronts Sally and rips up the paper, telling her that is what he thinks of the petition. He says to her that no one thinks suicide is sexy, and Sally tells him that teen suicide is a real problem and Brandon is glamorizing it through his play. Brandon says that it's Shakespeare and it's done in more schools than any other play in history. Sally says that doesn't mean it's right, and tells Brandon that her best friend's sister hung herself last year because her boyfriend broke up with her. She walks away from Brandon, telling him it's not over just because he ripped up the piece of paper.

Fost316 2162

The next day, a number of students and the honor board gather in a classroom to listen to Sally and Brandon's cases regarding R&J. Sally recuses herself and Mariana from voting. She delivers a passionate case about how suicide is the second leading cause of death in young people because of intense negative feelings and pressure. She says that Romeo and Juliet romanticizes suicide as a way to be together forever, and that idealization is not a good message to send teenagers. After Brandon delivers his equally passionate case, the honor board votes 2 to 1 in Sally's favor.

Fost316 3370

The next day, Sally is walking tearfully through the halls, ignoring Brandon when he tells her not to worry and that the play will be held off-campus. She enters Lena's room and Lena closes the door, realizing how upset Sally is. Sally says that it is really hard for her to say this. She tells Lena through tears that Monte kissed her.


Fost317 0904

Sally and her parents are sitting with Lena. Lena explains the protocol for this situation, which is that the principal and student will go in front of the school board separately to tell their sides of the story. Sally's parent react defensively, asking what Ms. Porter says happened, and Lena tells them that Monte says Sally initiated a kiss, a kiss that she refused. Sally's parents say that's not true because Sally has a boyfriend and Ms. Porter is a self-described bisexual. Lena asks where they got that idea and Sally's mom says they found her dating profile on some website soliciting men and women. Lena corrects them that the term is seeking, not soliciting. They tell Lena they refuse to go in front of any board, and they want to see Ms. Porter fired.

Fost317 1937

At Mariana's birthday party that night, Lena spots Sally dancing very intimately with another girl. Sally stops when she realizes what she is doing. A bit later, Lena approaches Sally who tells her that she's about to leave the party to do homework. Lena says she notices Sally's parents expect a lot from her. Lena tells her that she understands Sally is under a lot of pressure from her parents to be who they want her to be, but that makes it difficult to be who Sally truly is. Lena tells Sally that she doesn't have to be ashamed and that she should be proud. Lena also says that she realizes that in order for Sally to have found Monte's dating profile, she would have been registered on the site as a woman looking for woman herself. Sally begins to cry and asks Lena not to tell her mom. Lena says this lie could ruin Monte's life and reputation.

Kingdom Come

Sex Ed

When talking to Drew Turner about having gay sex ed off campus, Lena and Monte bring up the situation that happened with Sally when she accused Monte of kissing her.

Appearances (6/101)

Season 3 (6/20)


"Suicide is a real tragedy, Brandon. Not just some dumb way to end a play. And don't think this is over just 'cause you ripped up a piece of paper, okay? There's a lot more where that came from."

"Those guys at the garden store had no chance once Monte started working her magic on them."

"Monte kissed me."


  • Sally confessed to Lena in EQ that Monte kissed her.
  • Sally's parents state that they want Monte fired in Sixteen.
  • Sally may be a lesbian because of a dating profile she admits to having, and to figure out that Monte is bisexual (even though Monte might actual be straight based on her Homophobic behavior).


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