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Now Hear This
Season 2, Episode 18
137723 0535 pre
First Aired March 2, 2015
Viewers (millions) 1.23
Writer(s) Thomas Higgins
Director(s) Rob Morrow
Episode Guide
"The Silence She Keeps"
"Justify the Means"

Now Hear This is the eighteenth episode in Season 2 of The Fosters. This episode aired on March 2, 2015. It is the thirty-ninth episode overall.


Mariana finds it difficult to deal with impending changes at home and focuses her attention on organizing a student protest over an administrative incident at school. Meanwhile, when she learns Kiara is back in town and on the streets, Callie is willing to do anything she can in order to help her friend, even if that means disobeying Stef’s orders and putting herself in danger. Jude finally confronts Connor over the mixed messages he’s been sending, leading to a make-or-break moment in their friendship.


Main CastEdit

Recurring GuestEdit


  • When confronting Connor on his mixed messages, Connor kisses Jude. It is their first kiss on-screen, but their second kiss overall. This scene served as Jude and Connor being the youngest same-sex kiss ever to air in national TV history. 
  • It is revealed what happened to Kiara after she ran away.
  • Carmen makes her first appearance since the fire at the Girls United House.
  • Cherinda Kincherlow, the actress who plays Kiara, had to do a scene where she gets angry and spits at Rosie O'Donnell, the actress who plays Rita. Cherinda reveals in an interview said that she wasn't comfortable spitting on Rosie's face, but Rosie encouraged her to go all out. Eventually, she had to sip water from a water bottle since she couldn't produce enough saliva to actually spit on Rosie for the scene and was only drooling on herself. 
  • There's a #BringTimothyBack social media group.
  • Director Rob Morrow later appeared in an acting role on the show, taking on the role of Will in season 3B.

Featured MusicEdit

Main Article: Music Guide
  • How You Do It by Good Looking Animals (Lou gives Brandon advice on how to raise money for his tour then they begin to have some "fun" of their own.)
  • Not Enough by Carousel (Jude and Connor play catch baseball in the backyard when they begin to have more playful fun while fooling around.)
  • Back Down the Black by Boy & Bear (Connor tries to get Jude's attention after telling him texted Daria back that he wasn't coming over and Jude kicks him in the stomach then confronts him about kissing him then Connor kisses him.)
  • In the Wake by Walking Shapes (Brandon sells his signed Tony Gwynn baseball online then notices something familiar about the buyer.)
  • Run Forever by Emma Ruth Rundle (Kiara tries to get back to James when Rita and Stef arrive, Callie confesses to calling them as James pulls off; Rita and Kiara hug; Callie confesses to Stef; Callie and Brandon talk; Stef confronts Robert.)


Promo and Sneak PeeksEdit

THE FOSTERS 2x18 Clip 1 - Sherri Saum, Cierra Ramirez00:38

THE FOSTERS 2x18 Clip 1 - Sherri Saum, Cierra Ramirez

THE FOSTERS 2x18 Clip 2 Another Jonnor Double Date? - Hayden Byerly, Gavin MacIntosh00:46

THE FOSTERS 2x18 Clip 2 Another Jonnor Double Date? - Hayden Byerly, Gavin MacIntosh

THE FOSTERS 2x18 Clip 3 - David Lambert, Ashley Argota01:15

THE FOSTERS 2x18 Clip 3 - David Lambert, Ashley Argota

The Fosters - 2x18 Official Preview All New Mondays at 8 7c on ABC Family00:31

The Fosters - 2x18 Official Preview All New Mondays at 8 7c on ABC Family


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