"I got dumped this summer, and it hit me hard. But what ive realized that, there is nothing wrong with me, that I didn't do anything... That im not bad, you know? And that Gods gonna send me the right boyfriend I want when the time is right"

Noah 4x3


"Is this the class where the kid put that dildo on your chair?"

"Karma's a bitch."

" You think you might be going a little far?"

"Yeah, I just don't really feel like being around you right now. I get that you're pissed off and everything but.. bullying a bully.. Kinda makes you just as bad as him."

" There are better ways to fight back."

" What makes you a loser.. is stooping to his level."

**Noah kisses Jude.**

Jude: What was that for?

Noah: For being the guy i knew you were.

Noah in 4x18

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