Nick Stratos
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Occupation(s): Student
Status: Incarcerated (formerly)
In Group Home for Boys
Family & Friends
Family: Mr. Stratos (father)
Mrs. Stratos (mother)
Friends: Jesus Adams Foster
Relationships Mariana Adams Foster
Personal Information
Interests: Mariana
Education: Anchor Beach Community Charter School (formerly)
Weaknesses: Mental health issue; needing Mariana
Production Information
First appearance: Mixed Messages
Latest appearance: Dream a Little Dream
Portrayer: Louis Hunter

Nick Stratos is the ex-boyfriend of Mariana Adams Foster. Nick is portrayed by Louis Hunter.


Physical Appearance Edit

Nick has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.


Nick is very charming and from his first appearance in Mixed Messages, he takes a liking to the Adams-Foster kids. He seems to get his way often, especially around his father in which he describes to "always get his way around". He comes from a rich family which usually does not get to his head and always seems to put others needs before himself. When angry, Nick's personality seems to turn quite odd, often making irrational decisions.


Appearances (14/92)Edit

Season 3 (8/20)

Season 4 (6/20)


Mariana Adams FosterEdit

  • First Relationship
    • Start Up: EQ (3x16)
    • Broke Up: Safe (4x02)
    • Reason: He witnessed Mariana kiss Mat, and then proceeded to burn down the warehouse and bring a gun to school. He then broke into her house and pointed a gun at her and then at himself, and nearly killed himself in front of her in her bedroom. The entire situation has scared and traumatized Mariana, making her feel unsafe around him and in her own room. She allows him to believe they are still together throughout season four while he is locked away because he told her she is the only reason he has to live, and she is scared of what he'll do if she tells him they aren't together. In reality she goes back to dating her ex, and Jesus ends up enlightening Nick about this and telling him to stay away from her in Collateral Damage.


  • Brought a weapon to school and caused a lock-down in Anchor Beach.
  • Snuck into the Fosters house with a gun.
  • Got arrested and put into a mental hospital in Safe.
  • Currently out of mental hospital and in group home for boys as of Justify.




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