General Information
Pairing: Nick Stratos and Mariana Adams Foster
Kind of Pairing: Romantic
Status: Broken Up
Other Names: Mick

Nariana (Nick/Mariana) is the romantic pairing between Mariana Adams Foster and Nick Stratos. The relationship began in Under Water.


Nariana Moments


  • It is revealed that Nick has a distant relationship with his father, which he admits to Mariana.


  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Under Water (3x14)
    • Broke Up: Minor Offenses (3x15)
      • Reason: On their first date, Nick gets involved in a speed race with Mariana in the car. She freaks out over the incident because of the car accident she was in, and tells him to kill somebody else before leaving with Lexi.
  • Second Relationship:
    • Start Up: EQ (3x16)
    • Broke Up: Safe (4x02)
      • Reason: Nick burned down the warehouse and brought a gun to school. He then broke into her house and pointed a gun at her and then at himself, and nearly killed himself in front of her in her bedroom. The entire situation has scared and traumatized Mariana, making her feel unsafe around him and in her own room. She allows him to believe they are still together throughout season four while he is locked away because he told her she is the only reason he has to live, and she is scared of what he'll do if she tells him they aren't together. In reality she goes back to dating her ex, and ends up enlightening Nick about this and telling him to stay away from her in Collateral Damage.