When you're in the room, you have my undivided attention.
General Information
Pairing: Mat Tan and Mariana Adams Foster
Kind of Pairing: Romantic
Status: Broken up

Matiana (Mat/Mariana) is the given name for the romantic relationship between Mat Tan and Mariana Adams Foster. This romantic relationship begins in the episode "Girls Reunited."


Season 2

Take Me Out

  • Callie, Brandon, Mariana, Jesus, and Emma attend a concert for a local band, Someone's Little Sister. A member of the band named Mat comes over to talk to the group. As he walks away, Mariana smiles in what seems to be a smitten manner.
  • Shortly after Mat's visit to the group, Mariana asks Emma, "How do you know Mat?" Callie translates this saying, "I think what she's trying to ask is 'does he have a girlfriend?'" Mariana plays it cool and insists she wasn't asking this, but it seems to be obvious to the others that she is slightly interested in Mat.


  • Mat asks Mariana if she will be around to listen to the band play.
  • After the party, Mariana complains to Mat that she spent all night cleaning up after the dance team girls. Mat tells her, “You’re not like those girls and you never will be. Don’t you know that?” 


  • While Jesus and Mariana bicker, she yells out "And by the way, I’m a virgin because I want to be, not because I have to be!" Jesus and Mariana walk into the kitchen where Brandon and Mat are hanging out and clearly heard her. She is humiliated that Mat heard and walks off quickly. Mat chuckles into his soda.
  • Mariana is doing some geometry homework when Mat comes over to chat. They banter about Mathletes and her dance team. After a short while, he asks her out on a date, and she accepts.

The Longest Day

  • Mat runs into Mariana, and after some talking, he convinces her to work harder at her dancing instead of looking for a plan B.

Girls Reunited

  • Mariana and Haley cook dinner for Jesus and Mat. The atmosphere quickly becomes toxic when Mariana and Haley start arguing about Mariana lying about Ana and about Haley manipulating Jesus. Haley and Jesus leave quickly, and Mat and Mariana are left alone. Mat tells Mariana that his father abandoned him when he was six years old. The two bond over their parental issues and how they simply do not wish others to know, as it is none of their business, and they share their first kiss.

Leaky Faucets

  • Mat takes Mariana to a Mexican culture festival, and Mariana doesn't look too pleased.
  • Mat and Mariana are walking around the festival and see some street art of Frida Kahlo. Mat asks Mariana if she likes Frida Kahlo. To his surprise, Mariana's never heard of her. Mariana immediately assumes that Mat thinks she should know because she's Latina. He defends himself saying,  “No, because she’s like a cultural icon.” Mariana is immediately on the defense saying that she wasn't raised in a Latino home. Mat tells her that's not what he meant. He notices her demeanor and asks her if somethings wrong. In response, Mariana states that there is nothing wrong and walks off.
  • Mariana bumps into Mike. To her surprise, Ana is with him. Mike wants them to talk, but because of Ana, Mariana does not want to. Mariana rushes off, and Mat notices how upset she looks. Mat asks her if she's okay, and Mariana tells him that she's not. Mariana then accuses him of thinking that she is not Mexican or Latin enough. Mat disagrees and tells Mariana that he took her to the festival because he loves it and wanted to share it with her. Mariana is still very upset and explains to Mat that she has no connection to her Mexican culture. Mat thinks the real reason Mariana is so upset is because of the woman she ran into and asks who it is.
  • A little while later, Mariana tells Mat that the woman is her birth mother and it gives Mat the chance to open up about his own childhood. The two then share a kiss and a slow dance.

Someone's Little Sister

  • Mariana goes back to her natural hair color. Mat walks up to Mariana and tells Mariana that she reminds him of a girl that he used to know. She smiles knowingly, asking "really?"
  • Mat states that the girl is a blonde. Mariana smiles back and asks Mat who the blonde is, and he replies saying "the girl that you look like." Mariana asks Mat if the 'girl' is pretty, and he says that the girl isn't as pretty as Mariana. Mat smiles and says that he's always been into brunette's. They go to kiss but are interrupted when his band is called out. He runs off toward the stage, and Mariana giggles slightly.

Over Under

  • During Someone's Little Sister's band practice, Mat and Mariana watch Lou and Brandon sing a duet. After the practice Mat and Mariana make out, but Mariana notices that Mat's acting a bit strange. Mariana asks Mat why he is being so weird, and Mat says he hopes the band doesn't “go all Fleetwood Mac.” When Mariana looks at Mat blankly, he references the band No Doubt instead, but Mariana's still confused. Mat then says that he hopes that Lou and Brandon's relationship doesn't ruin everything with the band. Mariana is surprised to find out that Lou and Brandon are dating, but says that it makes sense, and that she was wondering why Lou was giving Brandon "those bedroom eyes." Mat is visibly stressed about the situation. Mariana smiles and says, "don't worry, I'm sure it will be fine."
  • Mat sneaks in to see Mariana before her dance routine. Mariana smiles and runs over to him, happy that he made it. Mat says, "Like I was going to miss the chance to see you shine!" He reaches behind his back and surprises her with a bouquet of flowers. Mariana is very thankful and kisses him. Mat tells Mariana that he is proud of her, and just as Mat says that they look at another one of the competing dance teams. Mat states that he thinks that they're good, and Mariana agrees. Caitlin yells out to Mariana and Mariana states that she has to go. Mariana pecks him on the lips, and rushes back to her dance team. Mat yells out "I'll be the one hollering the loudest!" Mariana smiles back happily.
  • After the competition Mat and Mariana are outside. Mat hugs Mariana, and he tells Mariana that she was amazing. Mariana smiles back and says "duh, I know, but thank you," Mariana pecks him on the lips, and notices Tia on the bench. Mariana tells Mat that she will be right back. Mariana walks over to Tia to try and explain her reasoning behind not quitting with her.


  • Mariana dances for Mat. Mariana asks Mat what he thinks about the dance, and Mat says that the dance is sexy. When Mat says that the dance is sexy, Mariana's surprised, and asks Mat if he really thinks it's sexy. Mat stands up from his seat and says, "Yeah, you're sexy. Why?" Mariana states that nobody has called her sexy before. Mat says that Mariana is very sexy, especially when she dances. Mat kisses Mariana and Mariana giggles slightly. Mariana looks at the clock and says she has to go to STEM. Mat proudly states that maybe he should join STEM as well, because he killed his math evaluation. Mariana asks Mat what he got, and Mat tells Mariana that he got a 92. Mat then asks what Mariana got. Mariana lies and says that she got a 88, even though she really got a 98. Mat encourages her and says that she did really good "88 is above average!" Mat tells her. Mariana smiles, "Yep that's me, above average!" Mariana pecks Mat on the lips and says that she has to go. Mariana stumbles out of the room, and Mat smiles as she leaves.
  • After a talk with Lena, Mariana finds Mat and tells him that she really got a 98. Mat is a little confused and asked why she lied. Mariana says she was worried that he’d be threatened. Mat asks, “You don’t really think much of me, huh?” Mariana disagrees and tells Mat that she thinks he is awesome, and that it’s herself she wonders about sometimes. Mat smiles, and puts an arm around her, saying, “Come on, nerd, walk me to band practice.” 

Light of Day

  • Mat asks Mariana to get lunch with him. Mariana says that she’s meeting Tia to talk about their new dance team. Mat keeps pressing, suggesting different things they can eat. Mariana responds snappily, “I know you don’t think that my dance team is as important as your band, but I have to have something to do all summer while you’re off on tour.” Mat apologizes and asks if he’ll see her that night. Mariana says she has to study. Mat asks if everything is okay and Mariana says that she’s busy and then blurts, “I don’t think I have time for a relationship right now.” Mat seems to be stunned, and Mariana says, “Can we talk about this later? Tia’s waiting on me.” Mat nods his head, and Mariana walks off in another direction. Mat appears to be confused by Mariana's sudden disinterest in him.  
  • Mat walks into Mariana's room and asks, “You think you can spare a moment for a guy you may or may not be dating?” Mat tells Mariana that her room is a “sweet lair” and he sits down next to Mariana on her bed. Mariana says, “It’s where I hatch all my plots to break up with guys for no reason.” Mat asks Mariana if she’s okay and asks if there’s anything going on besides the fact that he’ll be away during the summer. Mariana says, “No, that’s pretty much it.” Mat tells her that he’ll call her while he's on tour and Mariana cheers up. Mat assures Mariana he’ll miss her, saying, “I want to go on tour, but it’s not like I’m looking forward to the part where you’re not there. Because … I love you.” Mariana smiles sheepishly, and says "shut up," with a seemingly happy expression. The two kiss, and when they pull away Mariana tells Mat that she loves him too.    
  • Mariana tells Mat that she wants to join Someone's Little Sister on tour. Mat looks visibly uncomfortable by this statement.    

If You Only Knew

  • After the occurences at the PHARM party, Mat lets Mariana know that he doesn't want her to come on tour with him. In his mind, rejecting Mariana's proposal to come on tour is a form of responsibility; he loves Mariana, but when he's around her, he can't concentrate on his music. Mat recognises that he'd spend the whole night looking for Mariana in the crowd, and would let his mind wander. Mariana is upset, but she understands. 

Season 3


  • Mat and Mariana spend their last night together before he goes on tour. She wants to have sex with him but he tells her he wants his first time to be special, not like what she planned. Then he leaves and Mariana, upset, loses her virginity with Wyatt on the beach.

More Than Words

  • Mat comes back to see Mariana during the tour, and now he wants to have sex with her but she can't handle the guilt of cheating on him, so she tells him they need to take a break.


  • Mat asked Mariana to get back together and she happily says yes before hugging him.
  • Mat and Mariana kiss
  • Mat tells Mariana he wanted their first time together to be special and he was waiting for the right girl, meaning her.
  • Mariana tells him she lost her virginity to another guy and cheated on him while they were still together.
  • Mat breaks-up with Mariana.


  • Mariana seeks advice from her grandfather about her situation with Mat. He asks if she stills love him and wants him back. She says yes. He says then that she's gonna have to fight for him, which inspires Mariana.
  • Mariana interrupts Mat and Brandon rehearing a piece they'll be performing as Brandon's gift to their grandparents. Mariana tells them how she wants to sing a song for her grandparents at the party, the song "Love Will Keep Us Together." Mat says that's cool, but she probably won't need a guitar and walks away, leaving Mariana with Brandon, who agrees to help her.
  • Mariana sings the song at the party with Brandon on piano. Mat sits at first, not looking at her. She eventually catches his eye and sings to him, but he looks away, before getting up and walking away while she's still performing. Mariana sadly watches him walk off.
  • Mariana tells Mat how she knows that she made a big mistake. However, she won't beg him to forgive her because she has finally accepted what she did and has forgiven herself.
  • Mat says that he is glad to hear that she has stopped beating herself up about it, which gives her hope that he wants to get back together. 
  • However, Mat says that while he is happy for her self-forgiveness, he isn't willing to get back together and leaves a saddened Mariana alone. 

Mixed Messages

  • Mat asks Brandon if he has any idea what it's like to try to get over someone you have to see everyday. He says Mariana's flyer posted everywhere for Junior Class President makes it seem like he can't get away from her.
  • Brandon suggests that they get back together if he's so hung up on her.
  • Mat says how he wishes there was something else he could think about. He then proclaims he needs to meet someone new to turn his head around.
  • Mat agrees to doing a rock opera musical of Romeo and Juliet with Brandon after Brandon tells him it'll be something to pour all his heartbreak into.

If and When

  • Mariana questions Brandon about his auditions for R+J. Brandon tells her not to audition because Mat will be playing Romeo. Mariana says she won't have time to audition anyways, because she'll be busy when she wins class president.
  • Mariana later auditions after finding out she didn't win class president. When she walks in, Mat is clearly uncomfortable, not making much eye contact. She asks for a shot at being in the show.
  • Mariana sings the chorus of "Be Brave" really well. As she sings, Mat emotionally looks and listens on, seemingly affected by her singing before looking away. Afterwards, he tells her sternly that they'll get back to her. Mariana walks off a bit dejected.
  • Brandon and Mat argue over Mariana, Mat saying no way, but Brandon saying to suck it up and do what's right.
  • Mat catches up with Mariana. She tells Mat that's it okay if he doesn't want her in her musical, and he can say it. Mat says he doesn't want her to be in his musical. Mariana then looks a little hurt and tries to walk off, but Mat stops her.
  • Mat says he doesn't want her in his musical, but she was the best Juliet. He asks her to be in his musical. Mariana smiles and accepts.

Under Water

  • Mariana and Mat rehearse with Brandon and Zoe.
  • When their lines get to the part where they kiss, Mariana leans in, but Mat pulls away and asks Brandon if they can save the kiss for the performance. Brandon says sure.
  • Zoe hits on Mat, and asks him out. Mariana overhears, and then goes to Brandon and suggests that he, as the director, should set up a no dating policy among cast and crew. Brandon says no, and if she can't handle working with Mat, they'll go with Talya for Juliet. Mariana shuts him down, saying she's fine.
  • They proceed with rehearsal, with Zoe singing a part from her song "Never Gonna Do" to Mariana and Mat, which she shares a smile with Mat. The lyrics about the no happy endings and how they (R+J) don't make any sense hit Mariana, as she has an uneasy expression.


  • Lexi compliments everything Nick's done for Mariana's birthday, to which Mariana says "he's major." This prompts Lexi to say she's got it bad for him, then questions what about Mat. Mariana playful questions back "Mat who?" before the girls laugh.


  • Mariana passes Mat kissing his new girlfriend, Zoe. She tells them to get a room.
  • Brandon tells Mariana how she and Mat aren't killing it like the rest of the cast. Mariana claims that if "Mat could detach himself from Zoe's face" maybe they could get work done, before pushing again for a no-dating rule among the cast and crew of the show.
  • Mat hears, and says if the rule does come, then she couldn't date "James Dean" either. Mariana responds with whatever, saying at least she's not macking on "Amy Winehouse."
  • Brandon interrupts their bickering to claim that they are supposed to be acting like they are in love. Mat suggests they change the lyrics, to which Brandon asks if it's his words or Shakespeare's he's not feeling. Mat says it might be the fact that their Juliet is supposed to be a virgin, and their actress in singing like she's "Ariana Grande."
  • Mariana, clearly hurt by the words, says she needs a bathroom break before walking off. Mat sighs and tries to defend himself by saying to Brandon he was just giving her constructive criticism.
  • Nick, who saw the hurt Mariana when she was walking away, confronts Mat, saying that Mat was the one who broke up with her. Mat asks how it's his business, to which Nick says it's his warehouse and she's his girlfriend. Mat says it's his daddy's warehouse. Brandon intervenes, ushering Mat away before they can continue to go at it. Zoe, who witnessed this all, tells Nick that Mat had a good reason to break up with her because she cheated on him.
  • At home, Mariana complains to Callie about how she doesn't understand why Mat is so mean to her when he's moved on to Zoe. She gets a text from Nick asking her to call him, which she puts away.
  • Mariana barges in on Mat and Brandon rehearsing in the garage, and sarcastically tells Mat thanks for telling Zoe she cheated on him. Mat tells her he didn't. She asks how she knows about Wyatt then, which comes to a shock for Brandon. Mat says maybe Wyatt's the one talking. Mariana gets upset and says that well Zoe told Nick, so he's probably going to break up with her. She yells that he can thank his girlfriend for slut-shaming her before walking off, leaving behind a defensive Mat. He tells Brandon he didn't say anything, and Brandon tells him to tell Zoe to keep her mouth shut.
  • At rehearsal the next day, Mat approaches Mariana. He tells her he talked to Zoe, and says Wyatt told Tayla, who told Zoe. He apologizes. Mariana says it's not his fault, but thanks him anyways.
  • Brandon approaches asking if they are ready to rehearse. They sing a part from "Love Will Light the Day," the lyrics obviously having an affect on them as they stare into each other's eyes while singing. At the end of the song, they kiss.
  • Brandon's clapping when they pull away seems to shock them out of their moment. He says that was it, and that he finally believes they are desperately in love, and asks to go again. Mariana and Mat, both affected by the feelings brought on by the kiss and the song, shares looks while nodding along.

The Show

  • They perform R+J as Romeo and Juliet. As they do, they kiss multiple times, stare at each from across the stage when offstage, and (unknowingly) earn the jealous looks of both of their significant others, Nick and Zoe.
  • A clearly jealous Zoe makes side remarks to Mariana in an effort to get her from liking Mat, including calling herself Mat's Juliet while Mariana is more like his Rosaline, and telling Mariana backstage that couples can't really bond until they've had sex (knowing Mariana and Mat never had sex), and stating that when she and Mat had sex, she really felt connected and close to him, and knew he wouldn't leave her after sharing an intimate act with him.
  • Mariana runs offstage after a very dramatic number, and Mat rushes to comfort her
  • Mat asks Mariana what's wrong
  • Mariana is clearly hesitant to tell Mat because she doesn't want to wreck things, but she confesses that she is still in love with him
  • Mat is shocked and hurt, asking why she didn't reply to a letter he had placed in her bag earlier then. Mariana replies with confusion, stating how she didn't get the letter, and asks what it said. Mat reveals that it said that he still loved her too.
  • Before they can continue their conversation, Nick interrupts them to congratulate Mariana on her performance so far. When he pulls her for a hug, Mariana looks at Mat, and they share a look.
  • It is later revealed that Mariana's new boyfriend, Nick, intercepted the letter and possibly destroyed it out of jealousy
  • Mariana and Mat, while playing a dead Romeo and Juliet, break character to move and hold hands during the finale of R+J

Kingdom Come

  • Mat tells Mariana the only reason he had sex with Zoe was because he thought Mariana didn't love him any more. Mariana accuses Zoe of being the one who stole the letter from her bag, claiming that she did it because she knew Mat wouldn't dump a girl he just had sex with. She questions if he would, and he says he doesn't want to hurt Zoe.
  • Mariana agrees, saying she doesn't want to hurt Nick, because he's sweet to her and he saved the play.
  • Mat counters by saying the play is over now, and questions if it's worse to be with someone when you love someone else.
  • Brandon interrupts their conversation to tell them that they should continue showing the play's run, to which Mariana and Mat listen to with uneasy expressions (as they know to keep the show running, they'd need Nick).
  • At Callie's launch party, Brandon tells Mariana that Mat told him that they were getting back together. Mariana tells him maybe. Brandon then selfishly argues with her about what doing that to Nick will mean for the play. Mariana tries to defend herself by saying how much she loves Mat, but he tells her it's not okay to hurt other people because of love. Brandon rudely proceeds to tell her that if she goes through with leaving Nick for Mat, then she might be a terrible person.
  • At Brandon's birthday party, Mat tells Mariana he told Brandon. She says she knows. He asks her what they are going to do. She says she doesn't know.
  • Nick comes to visit Mariana to tell her about getting his dad's permission to use the warehouse to extend the play. He walks out to see Mariana in the garage with Mat. He witnesses them share one kiss followed by a warm hug before he leaves.
  • It's revealed that Nick is the one who stole the letter from Mariana's bag when he set it and the R+J sets at the warehouse on fire.
  • The next day at school, Brandon tells Mat how Mariana told him they aren't getting back together. He thanks him for not tanking the play, to which Mat tells him it wasn't just about the play. Zoe comes up to him and kisses him then before they leave.

Season 4

Potential Energy

  • Mat and Mariana talk in the hallway during school about Nick.
  • While texting Nick, Mariana finds out that he knows about her kiss with Mat.
  • Mariana explains to Nick that in the garage, Mariana told Mat they can't get back together, and their kiss and hug was them saying goodbye to each other.
  • When the Code Blue occurs at school, Mariana is trapped in the hallways. She tries to get into the classroom, which incidentally is Mat's class. When she tells them who it is after they won't open, Mat immediately tries to open the door for her and let her in. Mr. Timothy has to physically pull back and restrain Mat from letting her in, saying they aren't allowed to let anyone into the class.
  • When Mariana keeps knocking, Timothy and another student place more chairs in front of the door, while Zoe has to hold down a clearly upset Mat, telling him she could get into another class.
  • After Stef finds Mariana and escorts her outside, Mat leaves Zoe and runs under the police tape to Mariana, and they share a tight hug. He cradles her face and they stay close together until they walk off with her family, Mat walking with her with his arm around her.


  • Mariana explains to a questioning Jesus (with the family present) that Nick saw Mariana and Mat kiss goodbye and that she told Nick that she and Mat weren't getting back together, but he didn't believe her. Jesus acts insensitively outraged, saying he doesn't believe her either after watching Mariana and Mat run into each other's arms, which rightly upsets Mariana as she asks him why he's defending him and who's side he's on.
  • The next day, Mat comes to visit Mariana, wanting to check in on her after the events of the day before. Stef allows him inside.
  • A crying Mariana, in a desperate attempt to get Nick to drop the gun, tells Nick that he has her. When Nick questions her about Mat, she tells him she doesn't love him, and that she loves Nick. She continues to say that it's not too late, that they can still be together if he doesn't hurt himself, and that they won't be able to be together if he kills himself, and begs him not to leave her alone, saying that she needs him.
  • While Mat is walking to Mariana's room, Callie sees Nick in Mariana's room with a gun. She stops Mat before he could get into the room and tells him to go and quickly get Stef, which he does.


  • At school, Mariana walks down the hall to her locker, and while walking sees multiple people staring at her and whispering. Inside her locker, she finds a flyer for R+J which has a drawn thought bubble coming out of her picture saying "I'm a cheating whore, too bad for Nick," and a drawn gun pointed at Mat's picture.
  • Mat surprises Mariana at her locker after she finds the poster, but a spooked Mariana tells him "Don't" before closing her locker.
  • He asks what's wrong, but she tells him she'll talk to him later. Mariana walks away, leaving Mat shocked.
  • At the assembly, Mat watches on as Mariana stands up for herself.
  • At school, Mat tells Mariana he's impressed she stood up for herself. He tries to give her advice on how to deal with mean girls talking to her about Nick, but Mariana says she doesn't want to talk about Nick anymore.
  • Mariana says she wants her and Mat to start over and pretend it never happened. Mat agrees.
  • Mariana and Mat kiss.
  • Mat goes to get his things so he can walk Mariana home.

Now for Then

  • Mat and Mariana attend Brandon and Courtney's party together.
  • Brandon tells Mariana that it's nice to see her and Mat back together, and apologizes for being so harsh about the Nick situation.
  • Mariana tells Mat about Nick calling her. Mat asks why she hasn't told him about it before, and she says it's because she didn't want to freak him out. He says he is freaked out now, and then she tells him he's going to be more freaked out, because she has decided that she is going to go see him in jail.
  • Mat asks why, and Mariana tells Mat that to get Nick to put the gun down, she told him that she was still his girlfriend and that she loved him. Mat says he understand why she said those things, but doesn't understand why she has to go see Nick. Mariana says she needs to tell Nick she didn't mean what she said, and she won't feel safe until Nick knows that they are not together anymore.
  • They're conversation is cut short when Mariana sees her mom through the window spying on them, and tells everyone else at the party. 
  • Mariana and Mat are shocked when some guy serves Courtney with full custody papers.

Collateral Damage

  • Mariana and Mat are lying down and making out on her bed. While kissing her, Mat realizes she has fallen asleep and stops.
  • Mariana wakes up when he pulls back, and asks where he's going. He tells her she fell asleep, but she denies it, to which Mat laughs and tells her it's okay. She apologizes and tells him she hasn't been sleeping lately.
  • She pulls him back so they can go back to kissing, but then her mama knocks and comes in to check if they are decent, prompting Mat to get off of her and for the two of them to sit up.
  • Lena congratulates Mat on getting into Berklee before leaving. Mariana is confused, and says she didn't even know he had applied, and asks why he didn't tell her. Mat says it's no big deal, and he's not even sure he wants to go.
  • Mat tells Mariana she should probably take a nap. He tells her to call him later.
  • They kiss before he leaves.
  • Jesus visits Nick and tells him that Mariana is with Mat now and he needs to leave her alone.
  • Mariana complains to Emma about Mat getting into Berklee, mistaking it for Berkeley University. She complains how it's eight hours away and how he didn't tell her he was applying because he knew she'd be upset. But she says that at least it's not a school on the east coast, and she can visit Mat since her grandparents live nearby, and says it'll only be a year.
  • Mariana talks to Mat before his set. She tells him that Berkeley isn't so bad, not ideal, but not too far away. She tells him that they have a good robotics program, so she was thinking she'll apply next year.
  • Before she can finish her thought, Mat interrupts her and says he's pretty sure Berklee doesn't have a robotics program. Mariana says yes they do, and that she looked it up, and that it's a really good one.
  • Mat says he's pretty sure Berklee College of Music doesn't have one. Mariana asks where that college is, and Mat regretfully says Boston. Mariana looks hurt and shocked at the revelation, but before they can continue their conversation, Lou tells Mat to come on since the band is on soon.
  • Mat hands his drink to Mariana, squeezes her shoulder, and walks away with the band. Mariana drinks the remainder of his drink, and looks on dejected.
  • Jesus approaches a thoughtful and hurt Mariana, and tells her that he visited and handled the Nick situation, prompting Mariana to freak out. He tells her that he told Nick that Mariana isn't his girlfriend anymore, and that she is with Mat now. She freaks out because now Nick will be mad at her.

Cruel and Unusual

  • Brandon asks Mat if there's a chance Mariana could be pregnant, after seeing Emma buying a pregnancy test and giving it to Mariana. Mat says that it's impossible, but then still asks Mariana. She tells him Emma was giving her tampons, but Mat realizes he doesn't trust her anymore and breaks up with her. (It is later revealed that Emma also bought a pregnancy test for herself.)

Season 5


  • Mariana sees Mat at the dance and is about to make a move (ask him to dance) but then Zoe comes up and Mariana presumes that she is his date
  • Mat later comes by and tells Mariana that he and Zoe are just friends, and then Mat asks Mariana to dance.


The Show
Mat: "Hey, you-- you okay? Hey, what's wrong? You're doing great out there."
Mariana: "Yeah, I-- I know. It's just... This is really hard."
Mat: "Why?"
Mariana: "I know I shouldn't say this, but... because I still love you."
Mat: (takes this in) "Then why didn't you answer my letter?"
Mariana: "What letter?"
Mat: "I wrote you a letter and I put it in your bag."
Mariana: "Well, I-- I never got it. What did it say?"
Mat: "That I still love you too."


  • Mat asked Brandon and Jesus for permission to ask out Mariana. 
  • They exchanged their first "I love you's" in Light of Day.
  • Mat was unimtimidated by Mariana's clear high IQ average, secure in himself as he was.
  • Despite offering him sex as a "remember" token of herself while away on his tour, Mat rejected Mariana's offer; believing the timing wasn't right. As a result of believing he rejected her altogether, Mariana ended up having sex with Wyatt, losing her virginity.
  • They reunited only for Mariana to tell him the truth about losing her virginity to someone else while they were still dating and he broke-up with her. They get back together after Mat forgives her and they realize they still love each other.
  • In The Show, Mariana confesses that she is still in love with Mat, and Mat reciprocates those feelings.
  • They have sex for the first time in Dream a Little Dream.


  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: Girls Reunited (2x08)
    • Broke Up: More Than Words (3x04)
      • Reason: Mat would be spending excessive time on tour; also Mariana was unable to deal with the guilt of cheating on him.
  • Second Relationship
    • Start Up: Idyllwild (3x09)
    • Broken Up: Idyllwild (3x09)
      • Reason: They reunited only for Mariana to tell him the truth about losing her virginity to someone else while they were still dating.
  • Third Relationship
    • Start Up: Trust (4x03)
    • Broken Up: Cruel and Unusual (4x13)
      • Reason: After something of a pregnancy scare, Mat realized that he couldn't trust her anymore after all the lies she had about Nick and the Adderall.
  • Fourth Relationship
    • Start Up: Many Roads (5x19)
      • Mat told Mariana at his, Brandon's, and Callie's graduation ceremony that, if Mariana got into MIT, that Berkelee School of Music was so close that they should have a cup of coffee. Although Mariana would date Wyatt for one year, by the time her youngest brother, Jude, graduated, Mat and Mariana had gotten back together (in 2021).


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