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I feel like everyone I love ends up leaving.
Mariana Adams Foster
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Dark brown (episodes 1–21; 31–present)
Blonde (episodes 22–31)
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: May 17, 1998 [1]
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Ana Gutierrez (birth mother)
Stef Adams Foster (adoptive mother)
Lena Adams Foster (adoptive mother)
Jesus Adams Foster (twin brother)
Brandon Foster (adoptive brother)
Jude Adams Foster (adoptive brother)
Callie Jacob (foster sister)
Francesca Adams Foster (adoptive sister; deceased)
Unnamed Sister
Victor Gutierrez (biological grandfather)
Elena Gutierrez (biological grandmother)
Three maternal uncles
Many maternal cousins
Dana Adams (adoptive grandmother)
Stewart Adams (adoptive grandfather)
Sharon Elkin (adoptive grandmother)
Frank Cooper (adoptive grandfather, deceased)
Nathan Adams (adoptive uncle)
Relationships: Mat Tan (boyfriend)
Zac Rogers (ex-boyfriend)
Garret Paul (former crush)
Chase Dillon (former crush)
Personal Information
Interests: Fashion, school, dance
Education: Anchor Beach Charter School
Weaknesses: Having two lesbian moms (former)
Production Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Cierra Ramirez

Aryanna Paredes (young Mariana)

Mariana Adams Foster (born Mariana Gutierrez) is a main character on the The Fosters. She is the daughter of Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster, the fraternal twin sister of Jesus Adams Foster, and the adoptive sister of Brandon Foster. Her birth mother is Ana Gutierrez. During the first season, she sold Jesus' medical pills to earn money to give her birth mother, and developed a crush on Garret, a family friend. Mariana is also the step sister of Jude Jacob Adams Foster and also Callie Jacob.

Mariana is portrayed by actress and singer, Cierra Ramirez.


Mariana was born May 17, 1998 [2] and is the twin of Jesus Adams Foster. Her mother is Ana Gutierrez and her father is unknown. She is very smart and girly, and cares about her appearance very much. She's popular and social, but also very naive when it comes to certain topics. Such as, reconnecting with the mother who abandoned her and Jesus at a very young age, and stealing Jesus's pills and selling them to earn money that Mariana can give to her mother. After Mariana's drug trafficking begins to unravel, one of her friends is caught sniffing up the sold drugs and, to defend Mariana, blames the trafficking business on Callie, who was recently released from juvie. Mariana let's Callie take the blame, but soon her guilt builds up and she decides to tell her mothers. Before she can, though, Jesus takes full blame and responsibility for all the actions with his pills, clearing Callie's name and protecting Mariana at the same time. She speaks Spanish fluently and likes to gossip.

Physical Appearance

Mariana has a very good fashion sense and is very girly. She has dark brown almost black wavy/curly hair, light skin, and beautiful brown eyes. She wears makeup regularly. As for her fashion style, Mariana seems to love heels,miniskirts, and shorts. Most of her clothes are very colorful. 




Stef, Mariana, and Jesus

When Lena brings the possibility of the twins meeting their birth mom, Ana, Mariana appears uninterested despite having talked about it excitedly for the past six months (according to Lena). Mariana says she is not ready to meet her yet.

Callie catches Mariana stealing pills from Jesus. It is later revealed when Jesus discovers a large amount of cash, that Mariana was selling the pills because Ana needed money. Jesus gets mad at her, reminding her that Ana abandoned the twins so she could run off with a "dumbass" and screw whoever she wanted while he was holding a picture of them and ripped it in half. Mariana tearfully tells him that Ana has come back to town. Mariana fakes a stomach ache in order to sneak out and meet Ana, whom she has been chatting with online. They finally meet, but it is not what Mariana was expecting. Ana takes the money and leaves suddenly. Mariana is devastated and goes home.



Mariana and Jesus talking in the school hallway.

Lena and Stef are told that Callie has been taking pills from Jesus and selling them for money by one of Mariana's friends. Later, Jesus convinces Mariana to tell them the truth. She asks him to accompany her while she tells them and he agrees. Jesus seeing how scared she was, ends up taking the blame for Mariana. Lena and Stef abashedly apologize to Callie.

Hostile Acts


Mariana and Jesus talking.

Mariana is blamed for reading Callie's journal. Mariana told Callie she didn't do it and knows that Callie doesn't trust her. Then, she explains to Callie the reason behind her selling Jesus' pills.


The fosters 11

Mariana and Jesus.

Mariana prepares for her Quinceañera and asks Callie to take Kelsey's place in her court. Callie agrees to do so. Mariana also asks Mike to do the traditional father/daughter dance with her because she is a little embarrassed of having two moms.

During the Quinceanera Mariana finds out about Jesus and Lexi's relationship and is not happy. Mariana tells Jesus she knows about the relationship. Lexi tries to talk to Mariana in the bathroom but gets the cold shoulder. Mariana ends up dancing with Mike instead of with her moms.

Lena and her mom have a disagreement. Lena's mom thinks that Mariana shouldn't have had this party and thinks just because she is Latina doesn't mean she's Latina. Lexi insists on leaving but Jesus stops her and says it's his birthday too and that he wants at least one dance with her.

They have cake and have a family photo including Callie and Jude. They show a slideshow of Jesus and Mariana. During the slideshow it shows some pictures of Mariana and Lexi. Mariana smiles at her. Mariana tells Lena and Stef that she is acting selfish (because Jesus said she was being selfish because they raised her and gave her this party and she won't dance with them) and says sorry to her moms. Her moms disagree and say she is wonderful. At the end no one saw but she did dance with them.

The Morning After


Mariana and Lena talking.

Mariana is still mad at Jesus and Lexi for dating and doesn't want Lexi around her at all. Lena tries to tell Mariana that Lexi is Jesus's girlfriend and her best friend and that she should accept that. Mariana tells Lena that that's not what a best friend does. The conversation ends with Mariana leaving and saying "If that's love, I don't want it." Later that day, Mariana sees Garret one of her old friends; her moms' friend's adopted son. They catch up and he invites her to a poetry slam with him.
Mariana painting her nails

Mariana painting her nails.

The next morning, Mariana and Jude were talking about nail polish and she offered to paint his nails. Jude accepted the offer and Mariana began painting Jude's nails a bright blue. Callie walked in and told Jude not to wear the nail polish to school, and Mariana tells him that he doesn't have to do everything Callie says. He takes Mariana's advice and wears the nail polish to school.
Mariana the morning after

Mariana getting rejected.

The next day as Mariana goes to a poetry slam where Garret was performing, she preformed her first poem. They read the list of people who will be reading again and she is disappointed when she finds out she is not on the list. The next day Mariana gives herself a nose piercing before the whole family goes to Garret's poetry session.


At breakfast, Mariana rebuffs Jesus' wanting to go to a church camp for the weekend with Lexi, and questions his religious beliefs; "Since when are you religious?" Later, Mariana meets with her birth mother, Ana, instead of seeing Garret like she told Lena. They discuss her Quinceañera and Ana even gives her a gift. Back at home, Callie and Mariana discuss Wyatt's party, and Mariana suggests that they should go. Callie reluctantly agrees before they tell the moms that they are going to Wyatt's to watch a movie. At the party, Mariana runs into Kelsey who lets slip that Jesus and Lexi had unprotected sex. Mariana, angry and upset, gets drunk and Callie decides it's time to leave. When Mariana and Callie arrive back home, Mariana makes a scene in front of the dinner party and tells Lexi's parents that Jesus and Lexi had sex. Angry, Stef and Lena put Mariana to bed.

The Fallout

Mariana and Jesus are fighting over the fact that Mariana told Lexi's parents that he and Lexi had sex. Stef ends the fight and tells Mariana that she brought it upon herself. Because of what Mariana did, Lexi's parents refuse to let Jesus date their daughter and have decided to send Lexi to a boarding school. Feeling guilty, Mariana helps Lexi hideout from her parents after running away. While helping Lexi, the girls talk and reconnect. After finding out from Jesus that Lexi and her parents are not legal U.S. citizens, Mariana reveals where Lexi is staying.


During dinner, the phone rings and it's for Mariana.

Mariana on the phone with Ana.

When she answers and realizes it's Ana, she tells her she should not be calling her at home. She tells her birth mother that she has no more money to give her and frustrated, hangs up. Suspicious, Jesus asks Mariana about the phone call and Mariana tells him that Ana is asking for more money. The next day, Jesus and Mariana go to visit Ana at her house. Back at home Jesus tells Mariana they should take their birth mom to a women's shelter, but Mariana rebuffs him and tells him that they can never go back there. Later, Jesus goes back anyway and worried about her brother, Mariana confesses to Stef and Lena where he might be.


Lena and Mariana pick up Jesus after he lied about his whereabouts. After picking him up, Lena receives a phone call from Mike about Stef's shooting. They immediately drive to the assigned hospital. Meanwhile, Brandon, scared and angry, yells at the twins for their actions. But Callie calms him to which he leaves. Mariana along with Brandon, Jesus, and Lena visit Stef pre-surgery. Mariana (as a child) appears in a flashback of how Stef met the twins. They were dropped off to Stef's precinct after their foster parent said that they couldn't take care of them anymore. Stef, feeling bad, visits the twins giving each a lollipop and they introduce themselves. Back to the current time, Mariana (as a teenager) is going through boxes. Jesus joins her.
Photo Jul 26, 12 43 07 PM

The Twins' birth and adoption date

They notice a poem that the moms have written to them about introducing the twins in their lives. Mariana becomes upset about it, and she asks Jesus "What if they don't us anymore?" Brandon joins the twins. He apologizes for bursting as they are family. The next morning, the rest of the family go back to the hospital. Mariana, feeling like nobody wanted her around, was sitting outside until Lena sat beside her. She explains that her actions were to grow up, and she didn't want supervised visits. Lena comforts her saying "DNA doesn't make a family. Love does." Lena and Mariana embrace.

I Do

Mariana tells Callie that she wants Liam put away for his crimes. After class, Lexi reveals to Mariana that it's definite that she'll move to Honduras. Mariana promises to Lexi that she won't tell Jesus but she does anyway. Mariana removes her nose piercing for the moms to please them. Mariana dances with her family. She is asleep when Callie runs away.

The Honeymoon

Mariana and Jesus get into an argument about who gets to spend time with Lexi before she leaves for Honduras. Jesus enters Mariana's room while her and Lexi are working on their English assignment. He asks for time alone with his girlfriend, but Lexi lets him go after feeling she is letting her best friend down. She tells her that it is complicated when you are in love, and that she will understand once she has a boyfriend. Mariana is left angered by this. Jude rushes into Callie and Mariana's bedroom checking her closet and her drawers only to find out that it's empty. The family have a family meeting discussing about Callie. Brandon asks Mariana if she thinks Callie is back with Wyatt. She says that she doesn't think as she thinks they broke up a month ago. Brandon doesn't understand why Callie would take off. Mariana says that finally felt like she had a sister. They realize they are late for school until Stef's car won't start. At school, Mr. Timothy tells Mariana that she will need a new partner. She now finds out that Lexi is leaving for Honduras and not returning.

House and Home

Marianna and Jesus confront Brandon about kissing Callie. Marianna says he is going to tear the family apart. She leaves, and Jesus tells Brandon that he agrees with Marianna. Marianna is recruited by a cute senior named Chase to audition for the school play. Marianna shows up to audition for the school play. She is greeted by Zac, who is a designer for the play. He is unimpressed with Chase, unlike Marianna. He pairs Marianna and Kelsey together to work on costumes. Marianna and Kelsey argue over working with each other. Marianna and Kelsey shop for costumes for the play, but Marianna is nervous that Kelsey will shoplift. While Marianna is trying on a dress, Kelsey shares that she thinks Chase is “hot.” When the girls leave the store, they are stopped by a security guard who wants to check their bags. Kelsey looks nervous. Marianna confronts Kelsey about the hat when Chase appears and spots the hat. He is impressed and says it defines his character. He thanks Marianna for the hat and walks off. Kelsey smiles and tells Marianna she can thank her later.

Things Unsaid

Mariana takes a liking to Chase and agrees to help him run lines after school. This angers Kelsey, so Mariana decides that neither of them should be with Chase if it means ruining their friendship, so she cancels reading lines with him, but to her surprise Kelsey offers to read lines with him instead. When Kelsey gets detention, Mariana goes to read lines with Chase, and they end up kissing. Kelsey sees this and out of anger, she tells the principal that Mariana was the one who was selling her drugs, getting Mariana suspended.

Family Day

Mariana is seen get along with the girls for the United Girls home.

Padre Mariana finally thought she was going to get a sister and then Callie ran away. And top of that her best friend moved thousands of miles away and she lost Jesus as well. Her twin is too focused on juggling his relationship with his girlfriend and very good friend, Emma. Maybe that’s why Mariana asked Brandon if he was the reason Callie wasn’t staying.

Us Against The World

Mariana got caught up in getting the guy of her dreams that all she served to do was make a fool of herself. She also risked her friendship with Zac. He was trying to tell her his true feeling and she basically ignored him.

Kids in the Hall

Mariana had foolishly ditched her friend, Zac, just to spend time with the boy she had a crush on. Too bad he was jerk then and is a jerk now. He told everyone at school about her putting her underwear in his pocket. And in his version of events they hooked up. That’s not the truth but who’s going to believe her. Mariana has to deal with Chase and his friends stuffing his underwear in her locker. Lena and Stef found about it and were forced into having a talk with her. Panties aren’t the best way to tell a guy you like him. Zac, He was upset with Mariana ditching him but chose to help her get some pay back. He wrote a terrible review of Chase’s play and let it go to print. He never liked the way Chase was targeting to her and he’s all too willing to let bygones be bygones between him and Mariana.

Escapes and Reversals

Mariana's glad her best friend is back. Although she could do without Lexi’s evidence. Mariana thought she and Zac were just fine being friends. Then Lexi comes along and tells Mariana to open her eyes. If she could see how much Mariana is in love with Zac then why can’t her friend come out and admit it. Lexi had given Mariana the courage to pursue Zac. And once he became clear of the situation he was all for it. Then he spent some time with his weirdo mom and now suddenly he merely wants to be friends again. Mariana doesn’t know why things changed but, she not going back to being friends without some answers first.

Don't Let Go

who talks to Brandon about when he is going to move back and how he likes living with his dad. After she gets confirmation that he is going to. The episode picks back up with Marianna going to dinner with Zac and his mom where she learns that his mom is a bit crazier and a bit more forgetful than she led onto when she first met her. Zac was embarrassed about his mom and this was the reason why he did not call her back that day when they kissed.


In the hallway at school, Marianna sees Zac’s mom who is going to volunteer at the school dance. Zach approaches both of them. When his mom leaves, he and Marianna are talking. It is clear that Marianna wants Zach to as her to the dance, but he appears to be afraid and chickens out. Callie tells Marianna that she should ask Zac out because it appears that he may be a little gun shy after some of their previous encounters. We see Marianna with Zac. She was going to ask him out when he showed her a card that pictured him in a suit. It was his way of asking her to the Winter Ball. Marianna and Zac are dancing when Zac mom cuts in to dance with Zac. She accuses Zac of screwing Marianna before running off. Zac and Mariana find his mom. She is outside looking at the water, but when they get to her, she doesn’t recognize either of them.

Adoption Day

Mariana learns the truth behind Zac's mom; she has Alzheimer. She deals with the fact that he has to move to Arizona.

Appearances (42/42)

Season 1 (21/21)

Season 2 (21/21)



Mariana was visited by a childhood friend, Garret. Mariana had started getting interested in him. She goes drastic measures to impress him only to learn that he does not feel the same way as she does.

Zac Rogers

Mat Tan


  • She has a twin brother, Jesus
  • She has a nose piercing. (The Morning After) She takes it off before the wedding in I Do.
  • She sees Ana, her birthmom, for the first time in Pilot.
  • She seems to wise up about Ana, that she'll just keep using her for money. (Clean)
  • In Vigil, it is shown that Jesus and Mariana were adopted July 1, 2006 by Stef and Lena.
  • She seems to have 2 crushers: Zac and Chase
  • She dyes her hair blonde in Things Unknown, but soon returns to her natural hair color in Someone's Little Sister.
  • In The Honeymoon, Lena states that everyone now has the same last name. In Things Unknown, Mariana's name is shown as "Mariana Adams Foster" on the school dance team roster.
  • She is on the dance team. 



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