I'm gonna be alright.
Kiara to Callie in Stay
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Alive
Family & Friends
Family: Unnamed Brother
Friends: Callie Adams Foster
Daphne Keene
Production Information
First appearance: House and Home
Last appearance: Idyllwild
Portrayer: Cherinda Kincherlow

Kiara is a recurring character on The Fosters and a main character on the webseries spinoff, Girls United. She was first introduced in House and Home as Callie's new roommate in Girls United

Kiara is portrayed by Cherinda Kincherlow.


Kiara was placed in Girls United due to "gang stuff," vandalism, possessing and selling drugs and possession of a deadly weapon. At one point, she was also raped and has since only been with one man. Although, she says this has only been when they're high, so to her it doesn't count. She appears to have a tendency of interrupting people.

She becomes Callie's roommate as well as house sponsor while Callie is at Girls United. She offers Callie advice on how to survive at Girls United. 

After Girls United was destroyed, she was placed in an abusive foster home. Kiara called Callie for help and when the police arrived, they saw a man with a knife. Kiara stayed in Callie's room for a couple nights and learned that despite the incident, she was to be sent back to her abusive home. Callie and her went to a foster center for help, but made no progress. Kiara packed her stuff, left a note and ran away to live on the streets. 

After Kiara ran away, she began to live in the dangerous part of town and became a prostitute. At one point, Rita tried to save her by taking her off the streets. However, Kiara spat in her face and said she didn't need help. After Callie's help, Kiara is off the streets and back at Girls United. 

Physical Appearance Edit

Kiara is an African American with a dark complexion, medium-length curly hair, and a rounded figure.



Appearances (13/101)Edit

Season 1 (6/21)

Season 2 (4/21)

Season 3 (3/20)

Girls UnitedEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Kiara tells Callie that she has a brother, who is part of a gang, in the Girls United Webisode Got Your Back.
  • Kiara's story is very similar AJ's. Both characters befriend Callie. Both characters have a brother. Both characters turn to the drop-in center for help. Both characters are foster teen runaways; Callie tries helping both of them at the drop-in center after they run away. The Adams Foster household has allowed both Kiara and AJ to stay at their house temporarily when both of them didn't have a home to go to.


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