This page is about Karina's quotations during her episode appearances. 
Karina Sanchez The Fosters

Karina Sanchez

Season OneEdit

Hostile ActsEdit

The FalloutEdit

Lena: "Was that the uh, Riveras, what were the Rivera's doing here?"
Karina: "They're pulling Lexi out of school."
Lena: "Oh my god, they shouldn't, they're completely over-reacting."
Karina: "Are they? Because their underconception that you gave Lexi emergency conception and without their consint or knowlegde. I tried to assure them that that couldn't be possibly the case because under school policy we do not adminstor so much as an asprin without parental notice. But they seem pretty certain."
Lena: "Did they, are they planning on going to the board?"
Karina: "Not that they mention.But if they're angry enough to pull Lexi out of school."

– Karina and Lena talking about the Riveras.

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