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Jude Adams Foster
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: November 17, 2000[1]
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Thomas Jacob (grandfather; deceased)
Colleen Jacob (mother; deceased)
Donald Jacob (father)
Stef Adams Foster (adoptive mother)
Lena Adams Foster (adoptive mother)
Callie Jacob (half-sister)
Brandon Foster (adoptive brother)
Jesus Adams Foster (adoptive brother)
Mariana Adams Foster (adoptive sister)
Francesca Adams Foster (adoptive sister; deceased)
Relationships: Connor Stevens (Crush/Kissed)
Personal Information
Education: Anchor Beach Charter School
Weaknesses: Math
Production Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Hayden Byerly

Jude Jacob Adams Foster (born Jude Jacob) is the 13-year-old maternal half-brother of Callie Jacob and the biological son of Donald Jacob and his deceased wife, Colleen Jacob. He is also the adopted son of Stef Adams Foster and Lena Adams Foster, as well as the adopted brother of Brandon Foster, Jesus Adams Foster, and Mariana Adams Foster. Jude has been in many foster homes and has suffered through hard times going to seven different schools as well as being physically abused in his foster homes. 

He is portrayed by Hayden Byerly.


Jude is Callie's younger brother, whom she rescued from an abusive foster father's house. He resembles Callie with dark hair and brown eyes. He is a quiet child with slightly sheltered views on foster homes due to moving house to house which has been hard on him and his elder sister. When Callie was 10 and Jude was 6, their mother passed away in a car accident caused by their father, who went to jail, and Callie and Jude were placed into the foster care system because they didn’t have any other relatives who were willing to care for them.



Callie rescuing jude

Jude being rescued by Callie.

Jude is still living with his abusive foster father. After Callie calls him using Brandon's phone, Jude keeps calling the phone to talk to Callie. During one of the calls, Brandon mentions the number and Callie answers the call and tries to talk to Jude, desperate to know if he is okay. However, he is quickly taken off the phone by the foster father who Callie clearly doesn't like. She tries to leave to go to him, but Brandon demands answers, now concerned. Callie finally tells him that Jude is her younger brother and she refuses to leave him with their foster father and must get him. Brandon refuses to let her go alone and goes with her.

Once at the foster house, Jude is seen on screen washing dishes as Brandon tries to act as a distraction to allow Callie to see him. However, their plan quickly fails and a violent fight ensures with the foster father waving a gun around, threatening to shoot as Jude covers his ears. Stef and Mike quickly arrive and stop things from escalating further and Callie embraces Jude and clings to him. Callie and Jude are reunited as Brandon explains to Lena about who Jude is. While talking to Callie, Stef refuses to send Callie and Jude back into the system just yet. She and Lena allow Jude and Callie to stay with them.



Jude and Callie talking to Lena.

Jude begins school with all the other kids. Jude asks Lena if there are any chores he can do because all of his former foster homes gave him chores when he didn't stay there long. Lena asks him to help set the table for dinner and they get to know each other a little better. Lena and Stef reveal their decision on Jude and Callie. They decide that they will let them stay until Bill can find them a permanent home, but they won't be staying forever. Until then, Jude will bunk with Jesus while Callie stays with Mariana, much to her dismay.

Hostile Acts


Jude and Lena.

Jude must pass an exam to stay at Anchor Beach Charter School. For the test, Jude has to get at least a 65. But when Lena saw that he almost got a 65, she changes one of his answers so that he can stay at school and with Callie. Callie thought Mariana read her journal and when Lena, Mariana, and Callie were discussing the problem Jude was present. Jude and Callie were outside on the porch and he asked her why can't she get along with Mariana. Jude then discovered that Callie wrote about Liam, a possible ex-boyfriend of hers. Jude can sense tension between Callie and Tayla and he knows Talya read Callie's journal since she was the one that brought up Liam when he needed an anti-protagonist for his English assignment.



Jude looking at Jesus

Jude knows that Lexi and Jesus like each other because he pays very close attention. He also confronts Callie on Brandon saying that they might get kicked out due to the fact they have feelings for each other. Callie tells Jude she is not stupid and Jude states that she is not stupid, but she makes stupid decisions. A girl asks Jude to dance and he agrees. The girl and Jude are seen dancing and having a good time.

The Morning After

The fosters the morning after jude

Jude getting bullied.

Jude is attempting to make friends at his new school. While Mariana is painting his nails, he tells her about a boy in his math class, Connor, who he is becoming friends with. Callie then comes in and tells him to not wear the nail polish to school. He is visibly upset over this until Mariana tells him he does not always have to do everything Callie says. Feeling encouraged, he decides to wear the nail polish to school. Jude and Connor are then seen walking out of class and talking about going fishing together. Connor leaves to go get his forgotten class book when some boys begin to tease Jude about the nail polish. Jude stands up to them, telling them to grow up. They are about to beat him up when a teacher stops them. While Jude plays video games, Lena asks him if he is okay. At this moment


Connor and Jude at lunch in school.

Callie enters the room. Lena tells Calllie about the boys teasing him and Callie becomes upset because she had told Jude to not wear the nail polish. Jude storms away saying he does not always have to listen to her. After this talk Lena finds Jude upstairs struggling to take the nail polish off. She helps him and talks to him. The next day Jude is eating lunch alone when Connor comes to sit with him. They both begin to eat their lunch. Connor smiles proudly at Jude when Jude notices his nail polish.

The Fallout

Jude is at school in his science class, and they have to pick partners to work with and make DNA or RNA. He looks around and sees everyone has a partner except Connor. Connor looks over to a lonely Jude and asks if he has a partner, but Jude says no before he can finish. Connor asks if Jude would like to be his partner, which Jude gladly agrees. Connor goes and sits by Jude, and asks if he can come over his house because his moms doesn't like it when other kids come over because it gives her a migrain. Jude says he can, but he'll have to ask. Connor seems fine and happy that he is able to go over Jude's house. Connor sits back at his seat and Jude smiles.

Later at home, he walks in on Stef and Lena having a brief argument, and asks if he should ask them about Connor coming over later. They say yes, and asks what he wants. He nervously tells them that his class has to build a DNA model, and they have to work in pairs, and he was wondering if his friend Connor could come over. Lena asks if that's all, and he says yeah. Lena and Stef tell him it's fine if Connor comes over. He smiles and is excited that his friend can come over.


Jude smiles that Lena and Stef said Connor can come over.

The next day, with all the Lexi missing drama, Lena forgot Connor was coming over. As he comes in, Jude runs down the stairs and greets Connor. Connor is excited to see Jude, and says "Hey, Jude!" which was also the name of a Beatles song, which Lena makes notice of. Though, Connor has no clue who they are, but Jude helps them out, with a slightly rude yet nothing-really remark saying "A band that old people like." which Lena takes to heart bug shrugs it off, knowing he didn't mean in that way. Connor and Jude run upstairs to go do their assignment.

While upstairs. Connor is going on about a football player, a team and why they shouldn't have let him go, after seeing a Jersey (thinking its Jude's when it's Jesus's). He asks Jude who's his favorite player. Jude doesn't know what to say; he doesn't own the Jersey nor does he watch football. He comes out and tells Connor that the Jersey is Jesus's. Connor sees Jesus's skateboard and thinks it's Jude's. Jude tells him everything in the room is Jesus's, and shows him his little few things. Connor seems surprised as Jude tells him when he moves around a lot, things get lost or stolen. Connor tries to make him feel better by saying another student is a jerk for always going on about everything he has but Jude doesn't realize it. He asks him why he doesn't say anything bad about the other boys and the people who bully him. Jude tells him what's the point as it doesn't make him feel any better. Connor takes this in.

Jonnor the fallout 2

Jude telling Connor about his dad.

While working on the DNA project, Jude asks Connor if he can show him something. He grabs a key chain and a pocket knife with his real dad's initials carved on it. He tells him it doesn't work anymore, but he loved the fact that his dad carried it around with him, and it's basically the only thing he has left of him. Connor asks where his dad is. Jude tells him he's in jail, but then makes up a lie. He says that his father was in jail and eventually got out. He goes on saying that he's made a lot of money and he lives on an island now. Connor seems skeptical of this, but as Jude goes on the lie gets worse as he tells them he has nice cars, a pool, the house is on the beach. He continues saying that his father will get him and Callie someday. Connor asks him why he's lying. Jude denies this, but Connor tells him that he doesn't need to lie to seem cool. Jude seems embarrassed by this. Connor quickly puts this behind him, and pulls out his PSP. He asks Jude if he would like to play the game, and gives it to him. Jude has never really seen something so cool, and Connor seems to be happy that Jude is happy.

After working all day, Connor's mom comes to pick him up. Jude tells Stef and Lena he's leaving, and Stef volunteers to walk Connor out, but Jude says he'll do it. As he's walking Connor to the door, he gives Jude his PSP and tells him to keep it. Jude tells him that he can't keep something so expensive, but Connor tells him that he wants Jude to keep it. He leaves the house as Jude smiles.

Vigil It is mentioned by Callie that Jude is staying the night at Connor's for a sleepover and doubts he is aware of what happened to Stef. Later, while all the teenagers are home alone, they hear a knock at the door. Cautious due to the late time, they ask who is at the door and Jude reveals it to be him. He says he heard about the shooting and wasn't able to sleep since he wanted to be with everyone. He packed his things, left a note for Connor to find and walked home by himself. Callie tells him to never do a dangerous thing again and hugs him. He is with everyone in the hospital waiting room, waiting for news about Stef's condition.

I Do Jude is seen in the earlier part of the episode, getting ready for the wedding like everyone else. Stef and Lena all have a family meeting with everyone. They announce that they want to officially adopt Callie and Jude, leaving Jude ecstatic.


Jude as he catches Callie and Brandon kissing.

During the wedding, Jude leaves to take out the trash. However, though the lattice, he witnesses Callie and Brandon intensely and passionately making out. He tries not to make any noise, but stumbles in front of the door, startling Callie and Brandon to his presence. Silently angry, he throws the bag of garbage down and storms away in a huff. Distraught, Callie flees after him as Brandon is found by Talya, who has been looking for him, unaware of what he just did with Callie. During this, Callie catches up with Jude, and tries to explain her actions. Furious, Jude calls her selfish, claiming she messes up everything for him and always will, such as her incident with Liam. He then calls her out for potentially ruining their chances with the Fosters, especially since he loved this family, and storms away again. Callie is left speechless and in tears.

During the wedding, Callie goes to Jude and acknowledges that he was right about her being selfish and ruining everything for him. She says she is sorry and that she's going to stop being selfish. Later that night, after the wedding, Callie packs her things and runs away. Before she leaves, she takes one last look at her sleeping brother.

The Honeymoon Brandon asks about Callie's whereabouts, and she is supposedly at her guitar lessons told by Jude. Brandon and Jude are later folding place mats. Brandon asks Jude if everything is alright since he caught Brandon and Callie making out. Jude resents him for saying so as he thinks he only has interest in knowing if he will inform people of the kiss. He asks him: "So what? You think you will be with my sister now?" He tells him that they can't be together as they won't adopt the siblings. Brandon replies saying that they will figure out a conclusion on the situation. Jude resents him once again and claims that Brandon is no better than Liam. Brandon, filled with anger and confusion, tells him that he is not Liam and is nothing like him. He then declares to Jude that he loves Callie. Jude walks away while Brandon is in a state of shock.

Jude rushes into Callie and Mariana's bedroom checking her closet and her drawers only to find out that they're empty. He then reaches the conclusion that Callie has run away. Jude asks Lena if Callie will be sent to juvie again to which she does not know and promises that everything will be okay. Brandon asks Mariana if she thinks Callie is back with Wyatt. She says that she doesn't think so as she thinks they broke up a month ago. Brandon doesn't understand why Callie would take off. Mariana says that she finally felt like she had a sister. They realize they are late for school until Stef's car won't start.

Later that night, Brandon visits Jude in his room that Jude shares with Jesus. Brandon tells Jude that ever since Callie left, he has been hopelessly figuring out why Callie ran away. He thought that she was with Wyatt; she might still be into him. He realized that she didn't run away with Wyatt, but she ran away from him. Jude is overwhelmed at the situation, and he says that he completely screwed this up and apologizes. Jude then takes the blame for Callie running away because he called her selfish and she ruined everything for him. Brandon and Jude share a moment as Jude cries on his chest, and he comforts him saying that it isn't his fault.

House and Home Jude comes to Marianna’s room to ask if he can have Callie’s pillow. She asks Jude if he wants to sleep in Callie’s bed tonight. He does, making them both happy. Jude is in Marianna’s room, discussing his upcoming visit with Callie. Jude is dressed in a suit, ready to visit Callie, when Stef and Lena tell him that Callie lost her privileges and can’t visit with him today. They offer to take him out for the day, just the three of them, but he says he has homework. It’s clear he’s disappointed, but Stef and Lena can’t help him.

Things Unsaid Lena confronts Jude about hoarding food in his room. He tells her he does it because other foster homes don’t have a lot of food, and he’s afraid that he’s going to be moved to another foster home. Lena tells Jude that while she can’t promise there won’t be any surprises, he can’t go through life afraid of what might happen. She also promises that he’s safe in her home, and they won’t surprise him with anything.

Family Day Lena and Stef sat Jude down. They needed to speak to him about his options. They still want to adopt both him and Callie. The only problem standing in the way is Callie. They’ve chosen her, but she has yet to choose them back. That’s why it’s important to hear what Jude has to say. Lena and Stef want to adopt him no matter what choice Callie makes. He agrees to think it over. He’s never been separated from Callie and he has to think about what will be best for him. The only thing he does know is that he should really be careful before entering the room he shares with Jesus. He walked on Jesus taking half naked pictures of himself. Jesus wasn’t doing anything weird though. He merely wanted to send some photos to his girlfriend overseas. However Jude catching him made his fingers slipped. Jesus accidentally sent his photo to Emma. Jude has adapted to living with the Fosters. He calls his room my room and has already gotten into a big brotherly fight with Jesus over “Jesus time”.

Padre Jude tries to contact his mother through a Ouija board with Connor's help. Jude told her after she began to hyperventilate that she was acting the same way she did when they learned their mom had died. Callie had destroyed her room and completely blacked it out of her memory. Jude was worried she was close to doing the same thing when Stef intervened and managed to calm her down. Jude knows that he’s going to stay with the Fosters and now so does Callie. She wants to come back home. Jude knows that he’s going to stay with the Fosters and now so does Callie. She wants to come back home.

Us Against The World Jude is distant with her. She hurt him when she left him the way she did. And it’s going to take more than simply checking in like she has to do with Stef and Lena to reassure him that she’s not going to up and run away again. Callie figured out the best way to get Jude’s trust back is to celebrate his real birthday like they used. Their mom had Jude at home and when she got around to registering him; he was given the wrong birthday. The foster system never found out and ever since he and Callie have been celebrating his birthday privately. At first Jude was stump over why he was getting mysterious gifts. The he realized it was a puzzle. Apparently Callie knows him so well that he’s on his way to forgiving without even realizing it. . Callie had shared Jude’s secret birthday with the rest of the family and their lives are just starting to look good.

Kids in the Hall Jude helps Callie take pictures of foster kids.

Escapes and Reversals Lena and Stef wanted to inform that they were filing the adoption forms, but first they had to get the kids’ father’s to sign off on his rights. Callie was upset to learn he still had any.

Stef informed Jude and Callie that technically going to prison doesn't terminate parental rights - that’s why they need his signature. Jude didn't mind that they were going to contact his dad. That’s because he thought his father was still in jail. He’s not and Callie admitted as much. She told them how she tried to contact him after she ran away only to find out that he’s been out for over a year now. Jude is angry that she kept such a secret from him. And he’s starting to get tired of her excuse about how she wanted to protect him. Jude talked to Stef and Lena. He told them that he wanted to see his dad. Jude understands if Callie doesn't want to but he feels like he has to. Prior to the meeting though Callie felt she should suss out the other man. So she visited her father behind the adults’ backs.

Don't Let Go At the breakfast table the next day, Jude says that he doesn't want to see his father after all, but everyone convinces him that he might regret it later. He said he would go if Callie goes too, and she agrees. Later, Brandon and Callie are talking on the beach about her and her dad and they get into an argument about why she still has feelings for him. The episode ends with Callie and Jude’s dad showing up and telling them that while he loves them, he is signing away his rights. When asked why he says because it was the truthful thing to do, and that he could never provide for them the way that Stef and Lena have. And this is where the episode ends with Callie and Jude being able to be officially adopted by Stef and Lena.

Adoption Day Jude and Connor are at the house playing video games. Mariana then comes into the room and offers Jude the phone, saying someone wants to talk to him. After the phone call, Jude explains to Connor that their classmate Maddie asked him to the movies. Connor asks if he likes her, to which Jude says he doesn't in "that" way. Upon hearing this, Connor asks if he is sure. When Jude says yes, he asks him if it was alright if he asked her out then. Jude looks down before saying yes, although his facial expressions say otherwise. Connor looks at him before going back to playing video games as Jude looks downward confused.

At school, Maddie runs up to Jude before class and asks if it’s okay if he can go to the movies with her. Jude says it is. Connor, witnessing the scene, confronts him about telling him that he was okay with him wanting to ask her out and lying to him. Jude says he just changed his mind, but Connor says that he thinks the only reason he is suddenly interested in Maddie is because he told him that he was. Jude says how that isn't true before saying it doesn't matter either way because she doesn't like Connor, she likes him. Connor angrily blows it off before saying he won't go to his adoption because that is only something good friends go to and they clearly aren't that.

At home, Lena sits down with Jude where he abruptly asks Lena how she knew she was gay. Being completely thrown off by the question, she asks what brought on the question. Jude explains his current situation with Maddie and Connor. He says how instead of feeling jealous over Maddie, he was more jealous because Connor wants to ask her out in general. Lena responds with by saying that jealously is an ugly thing. She further explains that just because he feels jealous in this one situation, doesn't mean he is gay, but it doesn't mean he isn't either. She then assures him that whether he is gay or not, she and Stef would love and accept him no matter what. Feeling assured, Jude smiles.

At the adoption, Connor surprises Jude as well by showing up after all. Jude says how he wasn't sure if he would come after their argument. He then says how he is sorry and that if Connor likes Maddie then he should have his fair chance with her. However, Connor waves the whole thing off and says how maybe all three of them can go to the movies sometime. Despite this, Jude gives an uncomfortable smile and looks down, bothered.

It is then that Stef and Lena pull Callie and Jude aside. They explain to her that there seems to be a mix-up with her original birth certificate - a different person is listed as her father, not Donald Jacob like she always thought. So unfortunately, at this time, she can’t get adopted. Tears are shed between both Jude and Callie. Stef and Lena reassure Callie that just because this little hiccup occurred does not change their mind; she will be adopted by them one day. Jude cries and says he doesn't want to get adopted without Callie, but Callie takes him by the shoulder and calms him down and says that today is his day and he will get adopted and become an official member of the Foster family. Jude eventually agrees with his big sister. Jude, Stef and Lena sign the papers and the entire Adams-Foster family (including Callie) takes a picture with the judge.

Things Unknown

Take Me Out


Say Something

Truth Be Told


The Longest Day

Girls Reunited

Leaky Faucets

Someone's Little Sister

Christmas Past

Over Under


Mother Nature

Light of Day

The Silence She Keeps

Now Hear This tabber>

Appearances (32/39)

Season 1 (18/21)

Season 2 (14/18)


Jude: "I don't want to be anybody's secret."


  • He appears to be very open about what he likes.
  • Jude doesn't care about wearing nail polish in public, but used to feel self-conscious about it after getting bullied for it.
  • Jude is a person who is never rude or talks bad about anyone, according to his best friend Connor.
  • He seems to have trouble with math, despite getting a 65 (a passing grade) on the exam.
  • In Adoption Day, Jude wondered if he may be gay when getting jealous that Connor wanted to ask out classmate Maddie (a girl who had a crush on Jude) and asked if it was alright with him if he did. He became upset again when Connor expressed further interest in her.
  • In Adoption Day, Jude is officially adopted by Foster family.
  • Jude wanted to go with Callie when she found out she had to be removed from the home, but Callie didn't want him to miss out on presenting his speech the next day in Things Unknown.
  • In Things Unknown, Jude's post-adoption birth certificate declared his new surname as "Adams Foster" and relegated his birth surname, "Jacob," to his middle name.
  • In Things Unknown, Jude's birth certificate reveals he was born at St. Abigail's Hospital located at 16752 N Kling St., San Diego, CA, 92109.
  • Starting in Take Me Out, Jude stopped speaking with Connor and Callie since Say Something after the discovery of her half-sister Sophia. Jude felt ignored and hurt and refused to speak to anyone, having gone completely mute. However, in Mother he began speaking again after some reassurance from Callie. 
  • After some confusion, he has not defined his sexuality and is against labels. This is shown in Play when he asks why people need to "put everyone in boxes" and why he "needs to be anything" and wants to just simply be himself. 


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