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This page is about Jude Adams Foster's quotations during his episode appearances.

Season OneEdit

The Morning AfterEdit

Lena: "You know, just a little dab will do the trick. Do you mind? Okay. (Removes Jude's nail polish) When Stef and I are at home... we hold hands and kiss."
Jude: "Really?"
Lena: "Well, we used to do it a lot more often. But, we've just been really busy lately."
Jude: "What does being busy have to do with holding hands?"
Lena: "Okay, we're getting a little off track here. Um, my point is sometimes when we're out in a new neighborhood or we're walking home late to our car... we won't hold hands."
Jude: "Why?"
Lena: "Some people out there... are afraid of what's different. And sometimes they want to hurt people like Stef and me. So, every time we're out and I want to hold Stef's hand, but I decide not to... I get mad. Mad at the people who want to hurt us, but mad at myself too. For not standing up to them. The thing is... if you're taught to hide what makes you different, you end up feeling a lot of shame about who you are. And that's not okay. There is nothing wrong with you for wearing nail polish. Just like there's nothing wrong with me for holding Stef's hand. What's wrong is the people out there who make us feel unsafe."

Family DayEdit

Jude: "You always push everybody away. I just never thought you'd do it to me."
Callie: "I wasn't... no, Jude, I was trying to protect you. So you can get adopted."
Jude: "Well, I am. I am getting adopted. With or without you. Stef and Lena already started the paperwork."


Jude: "Do you believe in heaven?"
Mariana: "I, I don't know. Do you?"
Jude: "I believe there are people up there. Looking out for us. At least I hope so."

Adoption DayEdit

Lena: "Hey, buddy!" (Sees him painting his nails) "Painting them for the big day? You excited?" (Jude stays quiet) "You okay?"
Jude: "When did you know you were gay?"
Lena: "What-What do you mean?"
Jude: "There's this girl at school. Maddie. And... Connor wanted to go out with her. And I got all kind of... jealous. I guess."
Lena: "Okay, that happens."
Jude: "But... I don't think I'm jealous about, Maddie."
Lena: "Oh, honey. It's-It's totally normal, what, not normal, that's not what I mean. You know, let's not use the word normal at all. Honey, everybody gets jealous when their friend gets a boyfriend or girlfriend. Everybody. And it doesn't necessarily mean that you're gay or that you're not. And if you are or if you're not... it doesn't really matter to us either way. We love you no matter what. 'Cause you're you."
Jude (smiling): " I know... okay. I'm gonna go get changed."
Lena: "Okay..."

Season TwoEdit

Take Me OutEdit

Jude: "Hey! Guess what? Moms just bought me Dawn of Armageddon 4. I haven't even played it yet. We can open it when you come over."
Connor: "I can't spend the night tonight."
Jude: "Oh, okay. What about Saturday?"
Connor: "I kinda can't spend the night at your house... ever."
Jude (after a moment): "What?"
Connor: "It's my dad, okay. He won't let me."
Jude: "Why?" (Sees Connor hesitate) "It's okay, just... tell me."
Connor: "I know it's not true, but my dad won't let me sleep over at your house because he thinks you're gay. I know you're not. I just... I've got to do what he says. I'm sorry."
Jude: "What if I was gay?"
Connor: "What do you mean?"
Jude: "Would you not want to sleep over at my house... if I really was gay?"


Jude: "I don't want to be anybody's secret."

Mother NatureEdit

Callie: "Jude, just wait a sec! What are you doing-"
Jude: "I can swim, Callie! I don't need you to watch me. I'm not afraid of the water because it's dark. I'm not a baby!"
Callie: "I know that."
Jude: "Then stop treating me like one! I'm thirteen and everyone keeps treating me like a kid because you do. You know what? Just get out of my way and leave me alone."
(Comes up to Brandon)
Jude: "For your information, I didn't tell them about Hayley. I told them you where lost - which you were. But next time you could get eaten by bears for all I care."

Now Hear ThisEdit

Jude (To Connor before their first on-screen kiss): "You kissed me! Remember? In the tent? And then at the movie theater you held my hand! And all this week you've been... I just, I don't get this! I don't get you!"

Not That Kind of GirlEdit

Callie: "You've never done anything like this before, Jude. I don't get it. Was it Connor's idea?"
Jude: (Shrugs)
Callie: "I think he's a bad influence on you. I don't think you should be hanging out as much-"
Jude: "Just shut up!"
Callie: "Excuse me? No. Do not talk to me like that!"
Jude: "Then stop telling me what to do! And you don't have to worry about me hanging out with Connor! Because his dad said we're not allowed to be friends anymore, okay!"
Callie: "Maybe that's for the best. You'll make new friends."
Jude: "Just leave me alone!"

Season ThreeEdit


Jude (to Connor): My whole life I’ve always been labeled as something. The new kid or the foster kid or the kid with a dead mom. And I’m sick of it. I mean - why can’t I just be Jude? I just want to be Jude for awhile.”

More Than WordsEdit

Jude: "Hi. I'm Jude... and I'm gay."
Connor: "Okay, you know what, I don't think I can keep doing this."
Jude: "I know, and you won't have to. I promise. Because I am super gay. For you."
Connor (chuckles and smiles): "You wanna dance?"
Jude: "I'd love to."


(Lena walks into Jude's room after learning he and Connor were caught making out while shirtless)
Jude: "We weren't really doing anything..."
Lena: "Okay... "
Jude: "So... I'm not in trouble?"
Lena: "No... no, but you're probably going to wish you were. I think it's time we had the talk. I'm really happy that you found somebody as kind and as wonderful as Connor. I really am... and when sex is shared between two people-"
Jude: "Okay, okay! Connor and I are not having sex."
Lena: "Oh. Okay, good. Um, so... when any kind of physical intimacy is shared between two people who care about each other - it's a beautiful thing. Okay, look, if I'm being honest, I really don't know a whole lot about the logistics of two men being together. But, uh... I definitely want you to know how to take care of yourself and how to be safe when the time comes. Which hopefully won't be for quite some time."
Jude: "It won't. I swear."
Lena: "Okay. So..." (Pulls out a condom) "You know what this is, right?"
Jude: "A condom..."
Lena: "Right. Do you know how it works?"