General Information
Pairing: Jude Adams Foster and Noah Walker
Kind of Pairing: Friendship, Romantic,In Love
Status: Dating as of 2018
Other Names: Juno, Nude, Judah

Joah (Jude/Noah) is the name of the friendly/romantic pairing between Jude Adams Foster and Noah Walker.


After the lockdown Taylor brings Jude to her church which turned out to be a youth group. There Jude met Noah who is the pastor son. During a group talk Noah talks about how hard it is to talk since the break up of his ex-boyfriend which surprises Jude because Noah is the pastors son. During a little exercise Jude and Noah have to stare each other in the eye was makes Jude a bit uncomfortable because he's becomes confused about his feeling. At this time Jude wasn't sure if god wanted him to be gay because he lost two people (boys) who were very close to him that he kissed.


Jude and Noah

Jude and Noah's first kiss 4x06

In Trust, Taylor invites Jude to come with her to her church youth group, where Jude meets Noah, the pastor's son. Jude didn't know what to expect from Noah at first, assuming he was just another "church boy", but when Noah mentions his ex-boyfriend, essentially coming out to Jude, he realizes that Noah is much more than that. After a short lived attempt to fit in with the group, by doing a trust exercise, an exasperated and confused Jude storms out of the youth group meeting and confronts Taylor about her true intentions of bring him there, which she admits were mostly to get Jude and Noah together, as both had been through rough breakups. Later in the episode, in an attempt to reconcile with Noah, Jude comes to help him with sorting out donations at the local community center.

In Forty, Noah comes over to the Adams Foster's house, by request of Taylor, to help Jude with editing his mom's (Lena) birthday present. In the middle of editing, Taylor tells Jude that Connor is in San Diego, and when Noah asks him who that is, Jude tells Noah that Connor is his ex-boyfriend, essentially coming out to Noah.

In Engaged, Jude tells Noah about the offer he received. He is nervous initially, since the time Jude spends playing video games had previously been a point of tension between them. Much to his surprise, however, Noah is supportive and assures that the situation if different if Jude gets paid for it. Jude then asks for advice on how he can explain to Taylor that the offer is only for him and not for her. Noah suggests that Jude could pretend only wanting to accept the offer if it includes them both, and thus tricking Taylor into feeling guilty and endowing him to accept even without her.

Hashtag IWasMadeInAmerica

As Jude, Declan, and Taylor are interrupted by Noah as they attempt to set up a studio in the Adams-Foster's garage. Jude uses the moment to introduce the boys to each other. In the evening, Jude seeks comfort in Noah due to a problem he encountered during their first playing session. Noah recommends Jude to be more tenacious in future. Jude indeed becomes more brash the next time they play, but it doesn't take long before Declan starts giving him pet names in return. The same night, Jude receives a video call from a jealous Noah. He is angry, because he felt Jude was flirting, and because viewers had begun shipping him with Declan. Jude attempts to rectify the situation, but Noah ends the call before he gets the chance to do so.

Line in the Sand

Jesus mentions that Jude feels sick and is bound to his bed, most likely due to his fallout with Noah.


In consideration of Noah's feelings, Jude rejects every advance Declan makes towards him during their next playing-session. This makes the latter angry, who claims they will loser viewers if Jude doesn't return them. As a further incentive he shows him a gift a fan send him, highlighting that Jude can potentially also get presents. Thinking that Noah would not listen to him, Jude asks Taylor to explain to him that the flirting is only an act for the camera. Later, Noah shows up in Jude's room to say that Taylor indeed did talk to him. Jude tells him that he aspires to be a role-model to gay-gamers like him. Noah then has Jude sit on the ground and touch his hands in style of the trust exercise they did on the day they first met. Noah assures that he will be okay with the flirting from that point on if Jude can promise him that it will only be an for the camera. They consequently are reconciled. However, when Declan touches him below the waistline after their next session, Taylor concludes that his feelings for Jude might indeed be genuine.



•Jude changes his relationship status to “in a relationship” to make Connor jealous when he finds out Connor is in a relationship

•Mariana sees and asks Jude what she should call Jude and Noah’s couple name

•Mariana tells Noah about Jude changing his relationship status

•as Noah is walking away to go home, Jude asks him to stop

•Jude says that he’s sorry and asks Noah to forgive him

•Noah says that if Jude is gonna change his relationship status, Jude should at least ask Noah out officially first