I just hope you know that everything that Robert does, he does out of love for you.
Jill Quinn
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Family & Friends
Family: Robert Quinn Senior (father-in-law)
Sophia Quinn (daughter)
Callie Jacob (step-daughter)
Relationships Robert Quinn (husband)
Production Information
First appearance: Say Something
Last appearance: Father's Day
Portrayer: Valerie Dillman

Jill Quinn is Sophia's mother, Robert's second wife, and Callie Jacob's step mother. She is portrayed by Valerie Dillman.


Jill makes her first appearance in Say Something and is seen as kind yet uncomfortable at the prospect of meeting Callie. After Sophia takes Callie to her room, Jill finds the girls playing with the family dog.

In The Longest Day, Jill is on the boat and listening to Callie and Sophia talk and bond together. She appears less than happy when Sophia disregards her expensive school (although Callie says how great the school sounds) and when hearing about Callie having a boyfriend and the impression it may have on Sophia. When Callie leaves for a moment, she scolds Sophia for her flippant treatment of her in front of Callie. She explains that she understands that Sophia wants to appear to be cool, but rudeness will not be tolerated.

When Jude bows out of a boat trip with Callie, Robert, and Sophia, Jill keeps him company on the family yacht and they play cards. She asks Jude about how it seems that he and Callie have found a good home with the Stef and Lena. Jude agrees, saying how while they didn't grow up together, their adoptive/foster siblings do feel like their true brothers and sisters. Jill asks him if Callie is happy and he says yes. However, she inquires as to why Callie would run away then and he tells her how Callie doubted that both of them could get adopted together. When she tries pressing for further details surrounding Callie running away, he goes vague in detail.

In Someone's Little Sister, she is present at the meeting with Callie and Rita in regards to the charity for Girls Untied. She and Robert offer the house to be used for the occasion, making Sophia excited. Jill explains to Sophia that they must respect Callie's wishes when Callie asks if they can just say that she is a family friend and not their daughter, step-daughter, or half-sister. Sophia panics and demands to know why she cannot tell anyone that they're siblings, and asks what she's supposed to do if people notice their strong resemblance and comment on it. Jill explains that they will thank them for the compliment, but that they must respect Callie's wishes. Sophia abruptly asks Callie to have a sleepover, and Jill looks torn when she sees the pair of them in Sophia's bed, asleep. She is next seen standing with Robert and Sophia at the charity, and clutches Robert's hand lovingly when Callie admits to the party that Robert is her father.

In Over Under, Jill is at the meeting with the judge, along with Robert and Sophia, when Callie explains how much she wants to be a part of the Adams Foster family. The judge rules that Callie must see her paternal side of the family. Callie says that she will not see Jill or Sophia, only Robert, and she won't go to the house. Jill is next seen when Callie calls the police after Sophia's suicide attempt. Tearful at the revalation that her only child wants to end her life, Jill takes Sophia home.

Jill is not seen again until The Silence She Keeps when Jude shows up unannounced at her door. She invites him in and makes him a sandwich, asking him how he got there. Jude replies that he had to take several buses to get there, which worries Jill. She is shocked when Jude inadvertently reveals Callie's plans to move in with them. She explains to Jude that she wants the same thing that Jude wants: Callie's happiness and safety. She explains that Jude would be a part of their family, too, and could visit often to see his sister.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jill is a petite woman and of average height. She has short blonde hair and green eyes. She dresses in an elegant and classy attire.


She appears to be mostly uncomfortable around Callie, especially when seeing the large impression she leaves on Sophia, but tries not to let it show. Eventually, she starts to warm up towards Jude and Callie, and she seems like a very caring and welcoming woman.


Appearances (7/101)Edit

Season 2 (6/21)

Season 3 (1/20)


  • Jill Quinn is Robert's second wife and Sophia's mother.
  • She is Callie's step-mother.
  • She is separating from her husband upon learning that he had affair with a younger woman.



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