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General Information
Pairing: Jesus Adams Foster and Emma
Kind of Pairing: Friendship/Romantic
Status: Dating
Other Names: Emmus

Jemma (Emma/Jesus) is the name of the romantic/friendly relationship between Jesus Adams Foster and Emma. They were both on the wrestling team at Anchor Beach.


Season 1

House and Home

  • Jesus joins the school wrestling team as a way to handle his ADHD. At his first practice, he is brought down by the only girl on the team, Emma.

Season 2

Things Unknown

  • Jesus and Emma are both in the gym for wrestling and cheer-leading respectively, Jesus tries to kiss Emma but she says no kissing at practice.
  • At Jesus's house, Jesus and Emma are studying together, Jesus lies to Emma about his plans for Saturday, saying he has a family thing. In reality, he's really hanging out with the guys. Emma says they should study more tonight and Jesus agrees.
  • Jesus and Emma kiss.
  • Later, they are studying again, Jesus admits he lied before about what he's doing on Saturday and tells her he's hanging with the guys.
  • Jesus is happy she's not mad at him.
  • Jesus and Emma hold hands, Emma tells Jesus that everything changed since they started dating and now shes lost all her friends from the wrestling team and it just sucks.
  • At school, Jesus tells Emma he quit the wrestling team for her and Emma says she's not going to thank him "for giving up something you loved to make me feel better" and calls him a dumb ass and says "it's not his job to take care of her and if I'm unhappy that's on me and it's my job to fix it not yours."
  • Emma says she's going to talk to the guys and he's not quitting the team either so he's coming with her to sort this out now.

Season 4


  • At school, Emma watches Jesus stand up for Mariana.
  • At school, Emma tells Jesus she was impressed that he stood up for his sister.
  • Emma and Jesus kiss.
  • Emma and Jesus agree to hang out after school.
  • Emma tells Jesus she wants to be friends with benefits and he happily agrees.
  • They kiss again.
  • In a car, they make-out until Emma grabs for Jesus's belt and he tells her, he doesn't have a condom but Emma tells him she is on the pill.
  • Emma asks who he's been with since her? Jesus says Hayley and some others.
  • Jesus asks who she's been with since him? Emma says Bobby and some others.
  • Emma tells Jesus to get tested for STI's.
  • At school, Jesus and Emma are sitting next to each other at the assembly.
  • Outside the STI clinic, Jesus and Emma are surprised by how many flyers there are for all the STI's they can get.
  • Jesus and Emma are both happy neither have an STI after just being tested.
  • Jesus doesn't want them to have sex with other people and Emma agrees they are exclusive friends with benefits but they aren't dating.
  • Emma forgives him for breaking her heart and they get back together and start dating again.

Season 5


  • Emma looks for Jesus with Brandon.
  • Emma and Brandon find Jesus at the house.
  • Emma tells Jesus that the baby was his and she didn't cheat on him with Brandon like he thought.
  • Emma apologies for not telling him about the baby and not telling him about getting an abortion either.
  • Emma and Jesus make-up and kiss.

Exterminate Her

  • Jesus and Emma are together at Callie's party and they hug.
  • Emma and Jesus call each other out over not talking to Brandon and Mariana respectively. Emma suggests that Mariana will take over Jesus's and her senior project eventually.
  • Emma see's Jesus freak out in his room and decides not to talk to him.
  • Emma and Jesus face time each other, Emma also lies about coming over before saying she didn't.


  • Jesus and Emma text each other while Emma is out of town.

Too Fast, Too Furious

  • Jesus and Emma video chat. When Jesus brings up the fact she's been avoiding him, Emma admits she knows he took a baseball bat to Brandon's room and admits she is scared of him i.e. he could hurt her. Jesus says he would never hurt her.
  • Jesus asks Emma if she's breaking up with him? Emma says she doesn't want too. Emma thinks Jesus is mad at her because she had an abortion. Jesus says he's mad at her for not telling him. Emma thinks Jesus wanted "their" baby. Jesus admits that yes he wanted to voice his opinion. Emma said it didn't matter what he said/wanted as it's her body and she didn't want the baby.
  • Emma says she can't be with him if he feels "angry or betrayed by that" or if he won't forgive Brandon "for being there for her".
  • Jesus tries to say something but Emma stops him and tells him "not to tell her what she wants to hear but only what is true," Jesus says nothing, so Emma kisses him on the hand and walks away.


  • Jesus tells Emma that he made-up with Brandon and the truth is that he wanted to be there for her through the abortion. Emma thanks him and they kiss.
  • Emma asks Jesus when he's coming back to school but Jesus says he's not and Emma isn't happy.
  • Jesus and Emma video chat. Jesus tells Emma that she can't come over at the moment because Mum's has banned it. Emma thinks he is stupid for dropping out of school and going to a party, Jesus isn't happy she's not supporting him.

Welcome to the Jungler

  • Jesus and Emma apologize for their fight last night. Emma tells him she wants to support him of "everything". They kiss. Jesus tells Emma he had to take a test so he can legally drop out of school which Emma isn't thrilled about but doesn't voice this.
  • Jesus shows Emma a wooden engagement ring he made her which he wants her to have a promise ring until he can buy a real engagement ring. Jesus says he doesn't want any regrets and he knows that she is the one and says I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Emma is in shock.
  • Emma says they are only 16 and she wants to go to college. Jesus says he'll follow her. Emma says things could change, Jesus says it doesn't have too but Emma wants to change, she wants to grow and learn. Jesus agrees they could do that together. Emma says not if he drops out of school as she can't see herself marrying someone who throws their education away willingly.


  • First Relationship
    • Start Up: Adoption Day (1x21)
    • Broke up: Take Me Out (2x02)
    • Reason: Jesus couldn't handle Emma's independent spirit and felt as though she was too bossy.
  • Second Relationship
    • Start Up: Highs & Lows (4x07)
    • Broke Up: Engaged (5x08)
    • Reason: Emma felt like she was too young to be engaged, she gave Jesus the ring back, Jesus, because of his TBI, overreacted and gave her an ultimatum: forever or not at all
  • Third Relationship
    • Start Up: Prom (5x09)


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