General Information
Pairing: Jude Adams Foster and Taylor
Kind of Pairing: Friends; Romantic
Status: Best Friends

Jaylor (Jude/Taylor) is the name of the friendly/romantic pairing between Jude Adams Foster and Taylor.


Jude and Taylor meet in season 2, Light of Day, when Daria and Connor decide to be lab partners - switching Jude and Taylor to be partners as a result. They get off to a good start, getting along well, and both share a disdain with Daria and Connor being a couple. During Connor and Daria's relationship, Taylor tries to help Jude out with the couple's rather public affection toward one another. This being when she tells him how she pretends to be watching "a super boring documentary" on mating rituals of meerkats and how it helps her get used to their public affection.

Taylor eventually catches onto Jude and Connor's true feelings for one another, all based on observing the two's interactions with each other. Upon discovering this, she tries to help Jude and Connor get closer together when the group sneaks out and "breaks into" her house to "get drunk and make out". However, this results in Connor being shot by her father accidentally and him coming out to his father in the hospital, getting Jude banned from his life. Taylor once again helps the couple when giving Connor her phone to contact Jude, who takes this chance to tell Jude he came out to his father.

However, in season 3, Taylor is aware of Jude and Connor's relationship, but annoyed with Connor refusing to tell Daria why he broke up with her. Under the false belief that Connor is afraid to come out, when it is actually Jude, she spreads the news of their relationship to the entire school - outing them. When she realizes her mistake, she apologizes to Jude and Connor and insists she only wished to help. Despite her apology, Jude is still left feeling betrayed by her actions and storms off. Their relationship is currently left unclear.


In Light of Day, Jude and Taylor meet when Connor requests they switch partners to be with his new girlfriend, Daria. This concludes in Jude being partnered up with Taylor. When he sits next to her, she remarks how it "sucks getting sexiled". Jude is confused by her wording, and she clarifies that she means "when your best friend leaves you hanging for their new boo". Jude asks when the two became a couple as they watch the couple, and she tells Jude how quickly Daria and Connor got together "like five minutes ago", but are supposedly "OTP" in accordance to Daria. She then assures him that she is okay with being partners as long as he is. He tells her yes and they begin working. 

During lunch later on, Daria sees a lonely Jude looking for a spot to sit and calls him over. Daria then convinces the group to attend a group date to a new chick flick and drages Taylor off the bathroom. Taylor sarcastically remarks to Jude, "I guess I have to pee" and leaves with her best friend. At the theater, she and Jude are both uncomfortable when Daria insists to sit in the back row of the theater, both believing this will only lead to Connor and Daria making out and leaving them beside them during it. Taylor voices this to Jude, saying how awkward it's going to be if they do end up making out. When Jude and Connor share their own private and intimate moment by secretly holding hands between the two girls, Taylor is unaware of it.

Now Hear This

Jude watches jealousy as Connor makes out with Daria while sitting beside Taylor. Taylor tries helping him out by remaking how she pretends to be watching "a super boring documentary on the matting rituals of merekats" and eventually, to her, it's like they're not even there. But it is clear that she has become fed up with the couple's make out, making an annoyed scowl, before she interrupts them with a loud, "Hey!" disrupting them. She then casually asks the question if they would like to go on a double date to the fair, given it is the last weekend. Daria reveals how she and Connor already have plans to go to the pier, but insists Taylor and Jude go together themselves.

However, Connor cuts this suggestion off with, "The fair sounds fun!", causing Daria to look at him in confusion. Jude says he can't since he has family plans all weekend, on a whim, saying that they are going camping. Connor brings up how they just went camping. Jude snaps that they're going again and leaves as Taylor and everyone else appears confused.

Justify the Means

Taylor appears to catch onto Jude and Connor's romantic tension. When she is outside doing school work at Anchor Beach, she watches as Jude and Connor interact closely with each other - taking a mental note before going back to her work. That night, she and the group sneak out to teepee a girl's house. She explains to Jude who the girl is before handing him some toilet paper before they all have fun teepeeing the girl's house.

Afterwards, Jude joins in sitting beside her on a bench while asking where Connor and Daria went off too. Taylor remarks how they could be having sex, shocking Jude. She says they aren't, but that Daria wants to lose her virginity. She then tries to kiss Jude, who backs away. When he tries apologizing, she says he doesn't have to explain - he has a crush on Connor. When Daria and Connor arrive back to them, the two having shortly left, Jude begins to say he should go home, much to Connor's disappointment. Taylor then cuts in by proposing they break into her house and into her father's alochol cabinet and tempting that they "get drunk and make out" before looking pointedly at Jude while gesturing her head to Connor, who is grinning at him when she suggests the idea. Despite this, her idea turns almost tragic when her father overhears them and runs out shooting at them. 

Not That Kind of Girl

Connor is the one who ended up being shot and sent the hospital, although the injury is not serious or permanent. He has also been banned from Jude's life when his father discovers that he snuck out in order to spend time with Jude - not his girlfriend, Daria. Jude is told that Connor supposedly threw him under the bus by claiming the sneaking out and drinking was all his idea, leaving Jude hurt and betrayed.

At school, Jude runs into Taylor, who tells him how everyone is labeling her father as a 'psycho murderer' all over online. She tells him how guilty her dad feels about shooting Connor and hasn't even gotten out of bed. She asks how Jude himself is and he tells her how he isn't allowed to see Connor, who has supposedly blamed everything on him. Taylor is confused that he would do such a thing, and asks if he has talked to Connor at all. Jude tells her that he isn't answering his texts. She suggests his father took his phone away, but Jude is still upset as to why he would blame him for what happened. Taylor tells him that she and her father are going to see Connor, in order to apologize, and offers to leave him a message. Jude tells her to simply ask him 'why'.

Later, Jude is texted under Taylor's number, only for it to be revealed as Connor, who explains how Taylor left him her cell phone before she left in order to contact him.


Taylor has shown to developed a level of fondness toward Jude as a friend. It is shown that she is aware of Jude and Connor's relationship and is annoyed when Connor tells her that he can't tell anyone about his feelings for Jude. Unaware that it is Jude's decision to keep their relationship private, not Connor's, she ends up telling the entire school about it herself. When later seeing her mistake, she admits to Jude and Connor how she honestly thought to be helping and is sorry for her error in judgement. Despite her sincere apology, Jude is still clearly upset.