Jack Downey
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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Weight: 109.7
Status: Deceased
Family & Friends
Family: Jim Pearson (foster father)
Relationships Jude Adams Foster (kissed)
Production Information
First appearance: First Impressions
Last appearance: The Show (Alive)

Safe (Flashback)

Portrayer: Tanner Buchanan

Jack Downey was a recurring character in The Fosters. Jack was a quirky foster teen Callie and Jude met at Callie's foster youth event. He first appeared in the season 3 episode called First Impressions.

Jack Downey was portrayed by Tanner Buchanan.


Jack was living in a privatized foster home upon meeting Callie and Jude. It was at this foster home where he experienced physical abuse from the other foster kids. Callie set out to help him get out of his foster home with the help of Justina. During all this Jack develops a friendship with Jude, and he finds comfort in his company as he has never had a friend before. Not long after, Jack's group home gets shut down, and he stays with the Fosters. During his stay, Jude is having a hard time dealing with his breakup with Connor. Jack teaches Jude that it's okay to let out his emotions, this scene ends with Jude breaking down, and Jack kissing him. Jack later confesses to Callie that he's not gay, and only kissed Jude to make him feel better. While Jack is packing up his things to take with him to his new foster home, Jude tells him he's glad he kissed him because it taught him that even though he isn't over Connor right now he will be eventually. It is unclear at this time whether Jude has feelings for Jack, but he gave him a pay as you go phone so they can keep in touch. In the end of the episode, Stef gets a domestic violence call which leads her to the abusive foster home Callie and Jude originally came from, and upon walking into the kitchen she finds a body covered by a sheet. She steps on a familiar pair of glasses, and when she uncovers the body she sees Jack. She looks for a pulse, but is unable to find one and quietly covers him back up with tears streaking her face.


Jack was a shy boy who didn't like to tell other people when things went wrong in his life, because he thought things would only be worse. He was also very quirky, and enjoyed video games.


Appearances (6/101)

Season 3 (5/20)

Season 4 (1/20)


  • Jack tried to relate to Jude after his and Connor's break-up, but Jack had never been in love, but he knew how it felt to be alone. He tried to comfort Jude anyway.
  • Jack is murdered by his foster father Jim Pearson in The Show, the very same foster father who was the last foster parent of Callie and Jude. Jack was killed from being beat to death.
  • In The Show, Jack and Jude share a kiss. Jack later tells Callie he thinks he shouldn't have kissed Jude, because he is not gay. Whether this was true or not was never confirmed.
  • In Kingdom Come Callie hallucinates a vision of Jack as Justina launches Fost and Found. Seeing this prompts Callie to call out Justina for Jack's death.


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