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Callie and the other residents

Girls United is a group home that Callie is living for the time being after running away. It is run by Rita Hendricks. It includes a few other girls and a transgender male. Callie was introduced in the group home in House and Home.

On Feb 3, 2014, there will be a web series following the girls at girls united. The content will give an insite to The Girls United members and what goes on.[1]

Known Staff

Employee Position
Rita Hendricks Mentor
Michelle Walters Counselor
Girls United

Known Residents



Callie Jacob Former
Daphne Former, Group Sessions, Repetited Visits
Kiara Current
Becka Current
Carmen Current
Cole/Nicole Current
Gaby Current

Appearances (8/18)

The Fosters

Season 1

Girls United

Season 1

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