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Callie and the other residents

Girls United is a group home that Callie was living in for the time being after running away. It is run by Rita Hendricks. It includes a few other girls and a transgender male. Callie was introduced in the group home in House and Home. Girls United was destroyed during a fire in Girls Reunited and shut down temporarily. Through a fundraiser and donations by Robert Quinn, Girls United was given a new home.

A web series following the girls at Girls United premiered on February 3, 2014. The content gave an inside look to the Girls United members and what goes on with them.[1]

Known StaffEdit

Employee Position
Rita Hendricks Mentor
Michelle Counselor
Girls United

Known ResidentsEdit



Callie Jacob Former, Repetitive Visits
Daphne Former, Repetitive visits
Kiara Current
Carmen Current
Becka Former
Cole Former
Gabi Former
Devonee Former

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