General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Status: Deceased
Family & Friends
Relationships Ana Gutierrez (ex-girlfriend)
Production Information
First appearance: Clean
Last appearance: Vigil
Portrayer: Michael Filipowich

Evan was a guest character on The Fosters. He was Ana Gutierrez's boyfriend. He was featured in Clean and Vigil.

Evan was portrayed by Michael Filipowich.


Evan was a drug addict and was Ana's boyfriend. When Stef and Mike came looking for Jesus at Ana's house, he shot Stef by accident. Soon after, Mike came into the room. Evan was shot and killed by Mike.

Physical Appearance Edit

Evan has rough cut dark brown/black hair and a stubbly beard. He has many tattoos and is shown wearing dirty tank tops.



Ana GutierrezEdit

Evan lived with her and she was also a drug addict. They were in a relationship.

Appearances (2/101)Edit

Season 1 (2/21)


  • Stef tried to tell Mike he didn't purposely shoot her.
  • He asks for drug money.
  • He smokes.
  • Ana told Jesus and Mariana she wanted to get away from him.


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