Elena Gutierrez
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Family & Friends
Family: Victor Gutierrez (husband)
Ana Gutierrez (daughter)
Mariana Adams Foster (granddaughter)
Jesus Adams Foster (grandson)
Isabella Gutierrez (granddaughter)
Adriana Gutierrez (granddaughter)
Three Unnamed Sons
Eight Unnamed Grandchildren
Relationships Victor Gutierrez (husband)
Production Information
First appearance: Not That Kind of Girl
Last appearance: Engaged
Portrayer: Marlene Forte

Elena Gutierrez is the mother Ana Gutierrez and the grandmother of Mariana Adams Foster, Jesus Adams Foster, Isabella Gutierrez, and Adriana Gutierrez. She first appeared in Not That Kind of Girl.

Elena is portrayed by Marlene Forte.


Elena is married to Victor Gutierrez and they had a daughter named Ana Gutierrez. Eventually, Elena and Victor gave up on Ana and she was on her own. Once they learned about Ana's children, Mariana and Jesus, Elena and Victor tried to care for the children themselves but when they found out about them, it was too late. For many years, Elena and Victor had no sort of contact with Ana when they found out she was a junkie.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Elena has short brown hair and black eyes. When she is not in uniform, she dresses casually.


Elena has a tendency to not have trust in Ana and assumes she is drinking when she has bad day.


Not That Kind of Girl

Mariana visits her grandparents' bakery to go meet them. She meets Victor at the front desk, then Elena comes out from the back asking who it is. Victor says that Mariana came asking for a job and asked her to leave. Mariana turns around and leave the store.

The End of the Beginning

Mariana comes to the bakery again, but this time with Jesus. She confronts Elena and Victor about Ana and gives them the letter. On their way out, Mariana thanks Elena and Victor for the Christmas presents.

Appearances (7/101)Edit

Season 2 (2/21)

Season 3 (3/20)

Season 4 (1/20)

Season 5 (1/19)


  • She and her husband had full intentions on adopting Mariana and Jesus, but were too late when learning that the children had already been adopted by Stef and Lena.



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