Daffany McGaray Clark
MV5BMTMxNDA2NjQ5Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzQ5MDQ4NA@@. V1 SY317 CR12,0,214,317
Gender: Female
Character: Daphne
Occupation: Actress

Daffany McGaray Clark is an actress and producer, known for The One Percent (2011), Wingman Inc. (2013) and Big & Beautiful. Recently Clark has been known for her role on the Fosters as Daphne. She appeared in 'Pilot', where she and other members at the juvenile detention center beat up Callie Jacob, because she was getting out; Daphne was then brought back in the episode 'House and Home', as a part of the Girls United group home where Callie was staying, and has had a recurring role.


  • The Fosters: Daphne/Girl #1- recurring role, 9 episodes
  • The Fosters: Girls United- webisode series, 4 episodes
  • The Decicions We Have To Make: Adrianna
  • Wingman Inc: Robber Women
  • Drugs Made Me Do It: Tyhisha Ysais
  • The One Percent: Maria Diaz, 5 episodes
  • Player and Wifey: Wifey, 3 episodes
  • Make Love Not War: Sophia Pratt
  • Big & Beautiful: Nikki

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