This page is about Connor Steven's quotations during his episode appearances.

Season OneEdit

The Morning AfterEdit

Jude: "It was not!"
Connor: "It was! Swear! It was a 55 lb White Sea Bass. My dad weighed it. It was crazy big. You fish?"
Jude: "I've never even been on a boat."
Connor: "How do you grow up on a beach and never get on a boat? You have to come the next time my dad takes me out."
Jude: "Really?"

The FalloutEdit

Connor: "Hey, you don't ever talk bad about anybody. Like ever. Even when those guys called you names and stuff... you don't ever say anything mean about them."
Jude: "What's the point? We should probably get started."
(Connor takes this in)

Adoption DayEdit

Connor (after Jude gets off the phone with Maddie): "Who was that?"
Jude: "Um, Maddie from school."
Connor: "Maddie? Wha... What did she want?"
Jude: "Um... she just wanted to know if I want to go see a movie with her next week."
Connor: "She did? What did you say?"
Jude: "I said I would ask my moms and let her know at school tomorrow."
Connor: "Do you wanna go? Like... you know, do you like her?"
Jude: "No... no, not like that, no."
Connor: "Are you sure?"
Jude: "Yeah... yeah, no."
Connor: "Then is it okay if I ask her out?"
Jude (squints at him in confusion): "Um... yeah, sure."

Season TwoEdit

Take Me OutEdit

Jude (after batting practice): "You're really good."
Connor: "Not good enough."
Jude: "Thought you did great, way better than me."
Connor: "I'm supposed to be good at this."
(Jude pats him on the back)


(Playing spin the bottle with Maddie and Chelsea when it lands on Jude for Connor to kiss)
Connor: "We don't have to kiss, do we?"
Chelsea: "Well... those are the rules."
Connor: "Fine..."
Jude: "No! This is dumb. We should stop."
Connor: "No, it's cool. Let's just do it."
(Both lean in to kiss when Callie bursts through the door)
Callie: "Connor, your dad's here!"
Connor: "Oh my god, he cannot find me here!"
Jude: "Why not?"
Connor: "I snuck out."

Say SomethingEdit

Connor (to Jude): "Hey, I'm sorry about the party. I shouldn't have said I stood up to my dad when I really just snuck out. I just... I didn't want to hurt your feelings. But, you know, it wouldn't even matter if I did stand up to my dad. It's not like I have a say. In anything."

Truth Be ToldEdit

(Connor knocks and comes into Lena's office)
Lena: "Hey, Connor!"
Connor: "Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?"
Lena: "'Course, have a seat. Everything okay?"
Connor: "Um, no. Not really. I wanted to know, is there anything I can do to help Jude? Besides making sure the other kids don't make fun of him."
Lena: "Are they making fun of him?"
Connor: "Not in front of me, not anymore."
Lena: "Well, thank you for that. I appreciate you looking out for him and being such a good friend."
(Connor looks down)
Lena: "Did something happen?"
Connor: "My dad thinks Jude is gay. That's why I can't spend the night at your house anymore."
Lena: "I see. Did he say that to Jude?"
Connor: "No, but I did."
Lena: "You told Jude you thought he was gay?"
Connor: "No, I told him my dad did. I couldn't stand up to him, and I think that really hurt Jude's feelings. I'm sorry. I wish he'd talk to me again."
(Connor begins to cry and Lena gets up and begins comforting him)
Lena: "It's okay. It's okay. It's alright. You're not your father. Jude knows that. And he's gonna speak to you again. You know, I think we all need to just give him some space. To figure out all this stuff he's feeling inside."
Connor: "S-So, it's-it's not my fault?"
Lena: "No sweetie, it's not."

Someone's Little Sister

Connor: "You should have asked me what happened."
Jude: "I did. You wouldn't talk about it."
Connor: I didn't wanna tell you that my dad still... spanks me."
Jude: "I'm sorry. It's just... I know what it's like to be hit and feel like you can't tell anyone."
Connor: "You didn't tell your mom about what we did... did you?"
Jude: "No."

Over UnderEdit

Connor (to Jude): "Hey. You don't have to avoid me, okay? I'm not mad."
Jude: "You're not? You seemed pretty mad the other day."
Connor: "Well, I'm over it, okay? You just have to stop telling your moms everything, okay?"
(Jude looks at him before looking away)
Connor: "Did your mom really quit her job?"
(Jude doesn't respond)
Connor: "Why? Is it because of my dad?" (After a moment of realization) "Wow, is she okay?"
Jude: "Think so." (Looks at Connor) "We're okay?"
Connor: "Yeah."
(Jude smiles and they walk off into the halls)
Connor: "Did you do the science homework? 'Cause, I didn't get it at all."
(Jude laughs)

Not That Kind of GirlEdit

Mr. Stevens: "What the hell were you thinking sneaking out like that? What kind of idiot breaks into somebody's house in the middle of the night? Is it about that girl? That girl Daria? Is that why you did this? Is that why you snuck out?"
Connor: "No."
Mr. Stevens: "It's not? It's not why you did this-"
Connor: "It's not, okay? I snuck out so I could see Jude, alright?!"
Mr. Stevens (pause): "What does that mean?"

Season ThreeEdit


(Connor and Jude walking along the beach at the Anchor Beach end of school year dance as Connor struggles in his crutches)
Jude: "You got it?"
Connor: "Yeah."
(Male classmate approaches them)
Male classmate: "Okay, wait, wait! So, you guys are gay for each other?"
Connor: "Yeah, so what? You have something you want to say about it?"
Male classmate: "Nah, man. It's all good. I just heard and I thought-"
Connor: "You thought what?"
Male classmate: "Nothing, man. It's cool."
Connor: "Then get out of my face!"

Father's DayEdit

Adam: "Hey! So the whole school knows you're gay?"
(Connor and Jude share a look as Donald realizes Jude is dating Connor)
Adam (to Jude): "Was it you? Were you the one that told everybody?"
Jude: "No!"
Connor: "No, we-I got outed."
Adam: "By whom?"
Connor: "I don't know."
Lena (to Connor): "I'm sorry. I thought your father knew."
Stef: "What does that matter, Adam?"
Adam: "Because I happen to care what people think, okay?"
Donald: "About you or your son? It seems like it's his business who knows."
Adam (gesturing to Jude): "What, you want your son getting bullied too?"
Donald: "No... I want my son to be proud of who he is." (gesturing to Connor) "Getting bullied at home is worse than anything he's gonna face out in the world."
Adam (pause): "That's not my intention."
Connor: "I know, dad."

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