Colleen Jacob
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July 16, 1974 (seen in Padre)
Status: Deceased
Family & Friends
Family: Callie Adams Foster (daughter)
Jude Adams Foster (son)
Relationships Donald Jacob (husband, widowed)
Robert Quinn (ex-husband)
Production Information
First appearance: Padre (flashback)
Last appearance: Mother's Day (dream)
Portrayer: Sadie Alexandru

Colleen Jacob is the deceased mother of Callie Adams Foster and Jude Adams Foster and wife of Donald Jacob. She resembles Callie with her dark hair and brown eyes.

While never actually on the show, she made her first appearance in a flashback Callie has while remembering her during the episode, Padre.

Colleen is portrayed by Sadie Alexandru.


Before Callie was born, Colleen was going out with Callie's biological father, Robert Quinn. She married Robert, having eloped together, before he left her when his family demanded it upon hearing of the marriage. When he abruptly left her, he was unaware she recently learned that she was pregnant with his child. When Callie was six months old, Colleen met Donald Jacob and they dated. They eventually got married, with Callie believing he was her birth father. Colleen later gave birth to Jude Adams Foster during their marriage.

Physical AppearanceEdit




As seen in a flashback, Colleen and her husband, Donald, planned on going out for the night. Callie, then 10 years old, was mad at her mother for leaving her. Colleen asked her if she would give her a kiss goodbye, which she refused, and she said her goodbyes and left with Donald,

After the outing, Donald was driving while intoxicated with Colleen, who was presumably in the passenger seat. His choice to drive while drunk consequently caused a car accident, killing Colleen among other victims that were involved in the accident. Her death deeply affected Callie, causing her to go into a mental breakdown and destroy her room, which Callie later mentally blocked out. Callie would also go on to regret the way she ended things with her mother, having wished that she had kissed her goodbye.

Father's Day

Robert implies when Callie believes that Donald was completely guilty in Colleen's death, that she was aware that Donald was drunk yet still chose to get into the car with him anyway.


During a nightmare that Callie was having where Stef and Lena were going to reverse her adoption, Stef answers the door, where Callie's social worker walks in, and turns out to be her mom. Callie's voice breaks when she sees her and asks "Mom?" Colleen replies "Hello, Callie.", then Callie wakes up from her nightmare.

Mother's Day

Callie has another dream, and this time she dreamt of Colleen cooking breakfast for her and Jude. Colleen begins asking her about school and how she's doing on her portfolio. Callie says she's done with it and when Colleen turns around to give them their breakfast, she asks why Callie took her necklace off, and wakes up. Later that day, Callie and Jude visit her grave, where Donald shows up with flowers.

Giving Up the Ghost

When Callie is talking with Donald, he notices that she isn't wearing Colleen's necklace, and Callie told him that she took it off.

Appearances (3/101)Edit

Season 1 (1/21)

Season 4 (1/20)

Season 5 (1/19)


  • Colleen's last words to Callie were "Okay, see you in the morning."
  • On her last night, Callie refused to kiss her goodbye because she was mad at her. This is a decision she deeply regrets. Callie first opened up to Stef as she told her this story.
  • In the episode Padre, Callie accidentally loses a necklace that belonged to Colleen, which Callie loved dearly as she saw it as the last item she had of her. Upon possibly losing it, Callie grew angry at anyone who agitated her or teased her in the slightest way. Toward the end of the episode, however, Brandon was able to find it and gave it back to her.




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