Chloe Hendricks
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Chestnut
Status: Alive
Family & Friends
Family: Rita Hendricks (Mother)
Personal Information
Interests: drugs, money
Production Information
First appearance: Daughters
Last appearance: EQ
Portrayer: Marcella Lentz-Pope

Chloe Hendricks is a minor character on the Freeform series, The Fosters. She is Rita Hendricks's daughter. She appears for the first time in Daughters.

She is portrayed by Marcella Lentz-Pope.


Chloe is diagnosed bipolar axis 1. She and her mother have a strained relationship because Chloe blames Rita for leaving her father who eventually committed suicide. Chloe used that guilt in the past to extort money from Rita, until Rita finally cut her off. Chloe regularly goes off her medication and threatens to kill herself unless Rita helps her monetarily. She later surprises herself by her actions and genuinely reaches out for Rita's help, after a close call with an attempted suicide.


Appearances (2/92)Edit

Season 3 (2/21)






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