General Information
Pairing: Connor Stevens and Daria
Kind of Pairing: Relationship
Status: Broken Up

Caria(Connor/Daria) is the name of the romantic relationship between Connor Stevens and Daria. Their relationship occurs in season 2B.


It isn't known how they met, although it is assumed through school. Their relationship developed rather quickly according to Taylor, Daria's best friend, who even remarks that the couple started dating "like five minutes ago". However, according to Daria, she claims she and Connor "are OTP". While the relationship isn't particularly focused on, Daria is shown to be very much affectionate to Connor, who appears to return the feelings. However, when Jude questions how he didn't realize Connor had liked her, he answers with a brief, "Well, she's hot".

Connor and Daria date for several episodes, but he later implies that he is using the relationship in order to spend time with Jude. This being when he says he is continuing to spend time with her since his father is okay with him hanging out with Jude again - now that he appears to be straight. However, Connor, Daria, Jude and Taylor spend a night to sneak out to teepee a girl's house and later decide to "break into" Taylor's house to get into her father's alcohol. As a result, her father overhears them and shoots at them - hitting Connor in his foot and sending him to the hospital.

This series of events leads Connor to come out to his dad as gay and beginning a relationship with Jude. He soon breaks up with Daria in order to do this - although without telling her why. Not knowing why their relationship failed is shown to devastate Daria, who tearfully begs to know why things didn't work out between them. Daria soon finds out about Connor's romance with Jude when witnessing Connor defend his relationship with Jude to a fellow classmate, much to her relief that she wasn't the problem. Despite the break up, she is shown to be supportive of Connor and Jude's relationship. 



  • In Justify the Means, it is implied by Connor that he is using Daria as a cover in order to spend time with Jude since his father has allowed it since he started dating her. 
  • It isn't known how the two officially met or began dating, likely through school. It is implied, though, that their relationship developed rather quickly by Daria's best friend Taylor
  • When Daria discovered Connor and Jude's romance, she expresses relief she didn't cause the break up of their own previous relationship. Also, she shows support for the two boys' romance. 


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