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General Information
Pairing: Callie Adams Foster and AJ
Kind of Pairing: Friends, Romantic
Status: Ex-Boyfriend/Ex-Girlfriend

CAJ (Callie/AJ; pronunciation Cay-Jay) is the name of the friendly/romantic pairing between Callie Adams Foster and AJ Hensdale.


Callie and AJ are currently friends and former foster siblings. Their relationship had somewhat of a rocky start in the beginning. Callie first meets AJ in Wreckage while he's a runaway living on the streets. Their first encounter was very brief. AJ had been standing on the sidewalk, asking passerbys for money, which included Callie. When Callie dismissed him, saying she doesn't have any money to give, AJ began harassing her by rudely remarking for her to "get back to her privileged life". Callie, offended, stops walking and yells that he doesn't know anything about her. Just as the two begin fighting, a working man steps out of his store and scolds AJ to leave Callie alone, giving her the chance to quickly walk away. 

Callie and AJ meet for a second time at the drop-in center that Callie volunteers at. He tells her that he is a foster kid and Callie tries to help him while learning that AJ is searching for his older brother, Ty. Throughout the entire episode Callie has a couple encounters with AJ, and in each encounter she tries to help him. By the end of the episode Callie lets AJ sleep at the drop-in center since he has nowhere to stay for the night. In the next morning, Callie goes in to check on him - only to see that AJ stole spray paint and took off. When Rafael finds out what Callie did and what it cost the center, he is rendered no choice but to fire her.

In Father's Day, AJ ends up calling Callie from juvie for help. Callie brings Stef to the juvenile facility where AJ is staying so that Stef can help AJ. After getting to know AJ a little better, Stef and Mike agree to have Mike foster AJ. However, Mike doesn't have his fostering license, so AJ ends up staying with the Adams Foster family temporarily until Mike gets his license. This leads to AJ becoming Callie's foster brother.

In Déjà Vu, Callie is uncomfortable with AJ staying with her family, and AJ knows immediately that Callie doesn't want him around. Callie warns AJ not to mess with her family but at the same time is concerned that AJ is going to runaway in order to look for Ty. She keeps an eye on AJ while they go to school and eventually, as Callie expected, AJ tries running away. Mike and Callie end up searching for AJ at a park AJ and his brother used to. Callie finds AJ. However, AJ acts bitter towards Callie and tells her he knows Callie doesn't want him around. Callie has a heart-to-heart with AJ and explains to AJ that Mike wants him around and that AJ should start trusting Mike. Callie and AJ start to warm up to each other after this conversation. Afterwards, Callie and AJ return to the Adams Fosters home.

In More Than Words, AJ enters Brandon's room to return a valuable baseball he stole. Brandon catches AJ returning the baseball and immediately accuses AJ of stealing the ball. Callie comes to AJ's defense and explains to Brandon the similarities between her and AJ. She tries explaining to Brandon that AJ is scared. After this, Callie then warns AJ to not do anything funny. Later in the episode, Callie and AJ are happy and enjoying each other's company at the beach. Callie explains to AJ about how her friend Cole is transgender, and AJ teases Callie about Cole having a romantic interest in her. Later in the episode, AJ sees Callie in her prom dress for the lgbt prom and tries to get Callie to smile for the camera. At the end of the episode, Callie admits to AJ that he was right about Cole having a romantic interest in her. AJ then tells Callie that he was "jealous" of Cole getting to bring Callie as his prom date. This is the first hint that AJ has a romantic interest in Callie.

At the end of Going South, Callie shows AJ pictures of her and Brandon's hang gliding adventure in Mexico. They laugh about it for a while, and then AJ continues to express his romantic interest in Callie even further. Callie tells him that she can't date her foster brother. As a result, they agree to wait until Mike fosters AJ to discuss a romantic relationship. If Mike fosters AJ, then AJ technically won't be Callie's foster sibling because Stef and Lena, Callie's mothers, would no longer be fostering him.

In It's My Party, AJ gives Callie a drawing he made of her as the superhero "Super Callie". She likes AJ's present. After that, AJ and Callie have their first kiss outside in a bouncy house. Stef sees them from inside the Adams Foster's house.

At the beginning of Faith, Hope, Love Callie tells AJ that his birthday gift to her was her favorite. AJ introduces Callie to his older brother Ty. Later in the episode, AJ is moved from the Adams Foster's house and because Stef saw him and Callie kissing and didn't want to risk Callie not being adopted. Rita, after hearing about her kissing AJ, tells Callie that her relationship with AJ is very similar to her relationship with Brandon. After the conversation, Callie decides not to have a romantic relationship with AJ. AJ respects her wishes. However, AJ does still express some romantic interest in Callie, even admitting this to Mike. However, Mike advises AJ to not start a romantic relationship with Callie because Callie has a lot of stuff to work out and because of Callie's relationship with Brandon.

In Cruel and Unusual, AJ asks Mike to get his name put on the list of people who can visit Callie in juvie. AJ later visits, and tries to see Callie, but is denied entry. He asks if they can give her a letter for him, but they tell him to mail it. Before he walks off, AJ hears Robert come by and get entry to see Callie, and introduces himself to him. He gives him the letter to give to Callie. Robert delivers the letter to Callie during their visit. Callie later reads the letter at her bed, and stares at his ending of it, where he wrote the he loved her. Later when Callie is allowed home on bail, she and AJ are sitting on her bed. She thanks him for the letter, before telling him that she loves him too. They kiss.





  • First Relationship:
    • Start Up: EQ (3x16)
    • Broke Up: Diamond in the Rough (4x17)
    • Reason: AJ cheated on Callie with with his possible girlfriend Dawn.