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Pairing: Brandon Foster and Lou
Kind of Pairing: Friendship, romantic
Status: Friends

Bou (Brandon/Lou) is the given name for the romantic relationship between Brandon Foster and Lou Chan.


Take Me Out Edit

  • Callie, Brandon, Mariana, Jesus, and Emma attend a concert for a local band. The band Someone's Little Sister is playing, and Lou captures Brandon's attention almost immediately. He seems almost mesmerized while watching.
  • Lou gets mad with Brandon when she hears his constructive criticism about the band. Despite this, Mat invites Brandon to play with them.

Play Edit

  • Brandon and Lou fight over how to do a song while rehearsing. Brandon is very forward about the music, and Lou is finding it hard to let go of the control. Lou suggests that tomorrow the band do a open mic night in front of a few friends to get their opinion. Brandon says that he can't because his parents are out of town and that he needs to be home. Lou then convinces Brandon that they should have a few people over at his house to watch them perform.
  • Lou arrives at Brandon's house late, and Brandon tells her, "you’re not talented enough to make people wait.” Lou is offended by his comment, so she decides not to play and storms off.
  • Callie finds Lou in Brandon's room and explains to her Brandon's past. Lou learns more about Brandon's talent and how his life was turned upside down after his hand injury. It seems that Lou is more compassionate about Brandon after this.
  • Brandon begins to wing it and starts to sing the song Outlaws, the song he wrote for Callie. Brandon is joined by Lou shortly after. The two seem to connect on stage.

Say Something Edit

  • Lou questions Brandon about his relationship with Callie. He denies that they had a romance and insists that she's his sister. Lou also asks if Outlaws can become a track for Someone's Little Sister. Brandon is hesitant about it, but Callie encourages him to use it.

Truth Be Told Edit

  • Brandon and the band head into the woods for a song writing excursion. Their goal is to achieve a new level of musical transcendence via the special pot brownies. Brandon is hesitant at first, but Lou urges him to give "Broody Brandon" a day off. Brandon gets nervous and twitchy from the brownie and wonders off, eventually calling Lena.

Girls Reunited Edit

  • Lou stops by the Fosters place with some music to show Brandon. Stef thinks that Lou might get Brandon out of his funk. While listening to the music, they almost kiss, but Brandon pulls away to change the song. Then Lou rushes to leave, seemingly uncomfortable that he pulled away.

Leaky Faucets Edit

  • Brandon and Lou meet up at the fair, for a 'semi date'.
  • Brandon and Lou grow closer through their love of music. Lou is impressing Brandon with her knowledge of Mexican music. He smiles at her and says, "I didn't realize you were into all these different kinds of're full of surprises." Lou smiles in what seems to be a flirtatious manner, and says "there's plenty more where that came from." Brandon looks uncomfortable, and takes a bite of his enchilada instead of responding verbally.
  • Brandon and Lou look on as someone is getting a tattoo. Lou suggests to Brandon that he gets one, but he says he can't because he's not 18 and that he'd like to live to 18. Lou laughs and says that you don't have to be 18 at places like this. She then suggestively shows off her tattoo and implies that she has another hidden one that he might like to see another time. Brandon becomes awkward and changes the subject, not reciprocating Lou's flirting. Eventually, she confronts him, asking him if he's not into her or is just plain oblivious to her flirting. But before Brandon can explain himself, he is interrupted by Wyatt, who tells Brandon he saw Liam. Brandon then rushes off, following Wyatt. Lou is obviously bothered and confused by this.
  • After the fight is broken up, Brandon and Lou talk, and she's understanding of his protectiveness over Callie, and also tells Brandon that he's pretty 'rock n roll'. Lou tries holding Brandon's hand and he pulls away, saying he's in a bad place and that it isn't her fault, or Callie's. She smiles and seems to be good with being just friends.

Someone's Little Sister Edit

  • Someone's Little Sister are having band practice. The band's practice is tense as Brandon and Lou are becoming more toxic with one another. Brandon sings a love song for the band that Lou doesn't like, saying that it's too soft for her. Brandon says that he'll edge the lyrics up more. Brandon then suggests that they work on the set for the fundraiser, but Lou stands up, saying that she has to leave. Brandon says that she can't leave as they have to rehearse more. Lou says that she can't cancel as she has a date. Brandon seems a bit jealous when Lou states this. Lou says that she will be free the rest of the week, and Brandon and Mat agree to let her leave early.
  • After Lou leaves, Mat warns Brandon about Lou. Mat states that Lou has a history of dating guys in the band and that she goes through them quickly. Brandon says that nothing is going on with them, but Mat says "not yet." Mat is worried Brandon and Lou will eventually hurt each other and doesn't want their relationship to break up the band, as Mat thinks that Brandon is a key member of Someone's Little Sister.
  • With Mat's warning in mind, Brandon rewrites the song that Lou criticized for being too lovey-dovey. The song is the complete opposite from the original, and is about a girl like Lou, who's a "supernova", burning everything up. Lou calls him out on it, and Brandon claims that he thought she’d be able to relate to it. Brandon confronts Lou about the guys from the band, and she reveals that those guys were the ones with the problems, not her. They argue a little more, and when Lou goes to turn away Brandon kisses her.  
  • They perform on stage at the fundraiser, and steal a few glances, seeming to bond.  

Over Under Edit

  • During band practice, Lou and Brandon share their new song with Mariana and Mat. The chemistry between Lou and Brandon is unavoidable. Mariana quotes that she thinks they are "good together."

Mother Nature Edit

  • Brandon is kissing Lou goodbye, and is awkwardly interrupted by Callie. After a awkward interaction, Callie goes to put some things into the car, and Lou says "you're bright red," to Brandon. Brandon denies this, saying that he's just not a PDA guy. Lou smiles, saying "you're hilarious," and the two kiss.  

Light of Day Edit

  • During band rehearsal, Lou can’t believe that Stef and Lena want to meet everyone in the band’s parents. Brandon also says they have to stay in hotels instead of crashing at stranger’s houses, and the band says they don’t want to spend the extra money, and if they have to they will go on tour without him. Brandon seems offended by this.  
  • Somebody’s Little Sister has a tense band rehearsal. Afterwards, Lou asks Brandon if he wants to talk. Brandon says he can’t believe they’re going to go on tour without him, and just use his songs. Lou says that they are "Our songs" and reminds him, “We were a band before you.” Brandon responds, “Not a very good one." Lou looks at him with a shocked expression, and Brandon tells her what he means is that the band is better with him in it. Lou says no one is denying that they’re better with him, but he can’t expect them to give up the chance to tour just because his parents won’t let him go. Lou assures Brandon that she really wants him to come on tour with them.   

If You Only Knew Edit

  • Someone's Little Sister is playing at a farm, where the party-goers have to bring a pill as part of the cover charge. Brandon witnesses Lou pop a few mystery pills while she is at the pharm party. Brandon worries about Lou when she misses a few words of their song, but she claims that she is fine.   
  • Brandon lashes out on Lou at how she messed up at the performance after taking pills. Lou thinks that Brandon is over reacting, and assumes that Brandon is just judging her. Brandon tells her that he does not want her to end up like the girl Mariana found in the bathroom. Brandon says "this is me caring, not judging". Lou tells Brandon that she's not used to being cared about like that.    

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