The Anchor Beach Community Charter School, or simply called Anchor Beach Charter School, ABCC, ABCCS or ABCS, is the school where all of the main children attend. Karina Sánchez was the main principal but now Monte Porter is, while Lena Adams Foster is the vice-principal. But when Mrs Sanchez got fired, Lena Adams Foster was in charge, until Monte Porter became principal of Anchor Beach. In season 5, Lena becomes the principal, when Drew Turner and Monte are no longer in the school.

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  • It was founded in 1993.
  • Lena Adams Foster has a reserved parking space. (Pilot)
  • Once, Jesus skipped from class to meet with Lexi. (Hostile Acts)
  • Although Jude Adams Foster needed 65 point on a exam to enter the school, he didn't get them, but Lena changed the grade so he can pass it. (Hostile Acts)
  • The school colors are maroon and white.
  • Although it's a charter school, the school district name appears on the sign in front. Possibly the district owns the building and property but doesn't run the school directly.
  • It is a K-12 school. (Vigil)


  • Inside hallways.
  • Inside hallways.
  • Inside hallways.
  • Girls' restrooms.
  • Inside a classroom.