This page is about AJ Hensdale's quotations during his episode appearances.

Season ThreeEdit

Father's DayEdit

Stef: "Callie tells me that you're looking for your brother, you think he might be missing. Does he have a name?"
AJ: "Is he in trouble?"
Stef: "Well, you tell me."
AJ: "I mean, because I ran away to meet up with him?"
Stef: "Yeah, but you didn't meet up with him, did you?"
AJ: "No, he never showed."
Stef: "Okay, what was the plan if he had showed?"
AJ: "We were gonna go to Arizona. He said knew some guy that could get him a job there in construction. We just wanted to be together."

-AJ explaining to Stef about why he ran away.

AJ: "So, you a cop too?"
Mike: "Actually, I am. Callie's foster mom and I are partners.....and we used to be married."
AJ: "Sounds complicated."
Mike: "No, it's good, you know? Stef and her wife are gonna adopt Callie, so..."
AJ: "What? Like, Callie has two moms?"
Mike: "Yep. Like you said, it's complicated."
AJ: " I don't know. Having two moms sounds kind of cool."

-Mike talking to AJ about the Adams Foster Family.

Déjà VuEdit

(AJ is spray painting a phone number on a water tower while Callie and Mike watch.)
AJ (to Mike): "Aren't you supposed to, like, arrest me or something?"
Mike: "Nah, I'm off duty. Besides, I didn't see anything."
(AJ continues spray painting the rest of the phone number.)
AJ (to Mike): "You sure you're okay with me putting your number up here?"
Mike (acting surprised): "You know what? I hadn't even thought of that. Can you take it down?"
AJ: "Yeah." (begins to stand up)
Mike: (laughs) "I'm kidding. It's not my number. It's yours." (Takes a cell phone out of his pocket ) "I got you this for before, you know, in case we ever needed to get in touch with each other."
(Mike throws the phone to AJ, and AJ catches it.)
Mike: "Now, if Ty shows up, he can get in touch too."

-Mike helping AJ find Ty and giving AJ his own cell phone.

More Than Words Edit

(AJ sees Cole's scars after Cole takes off his shirt before going into the ocean water)
AJ (to Callie): "So, what happened to him?"
Callie: "He's transgender. Was born in the wrong body."
AJ: "So those scars he did that on purpose?"
Callie: "Yeah, and?"
AJ: "Whoa."
Callie: "Okay, when I first met Cole, he was literally binding his chest. And look how proud he is now. Taking off his shirt like that. He's in a good place finally, so don't go making him feel weird about it."
AJ: "Damn, I was just asking. Remind me not to mess with you."
Callie: "I'm going in."(referring to going into the ocean water)
AJ: "Those sharks better watch out."

-AJ asking Callie about Cole being transgender

(AJ laughs after Cole leaves Callie and AJ to set up LGBTQ prom)
Callie: "What?"
AJ: "You like him."
Callie: "Yeah, as a friend."
AJ: "Well, he likes you, and not as a friend. Trust. Tonight? That's a date. A date-date."
Callie: "You're ridiculous."
AJ: "I saw him checking you out. What that dude was thinking was definitely not friendly."
(Callie is clearly taken aback at AJ's comments. She tries reading a book she has in her hands.)
AJ: "How's that book?"

-AJ teasing Callie about Cole liking her.

(Callie comes downstairs in her prom dress to Cole while Cole is in his suit.)
AJ: "Look at how nice y'all two match."
Cole: "Nice dress."
Callie: "Oh, this? No! I picked it up from the vintage store on my way home from the beach. It's nothing."
Cole: "Well, you look amazing." (gives Callie a corsage)
Callie: "Thank you."
Lena (wanting a picture of Callie and Cole): "Okay, you guys, get together. Come on."
AJ (whispers to Callie): "That's a nice corsage."

Going SouthEdit

Mike: "Look, I know today was tough."
AJ: "You don't know."
Mike: (sighs) "Okay. Fair enough. You wanna talk about it?"
AJ: "Why? What you gotta say? You gonna tell me how to talk to cops, huh? My grandma already schooled me on that, all right? 'Hands on the steering wheel, never resist.' 'Yes, sir, no, sir.' 'Let 'em look through whatever you got, and lie down like a dog 'cause you ain't no better than one.'"
Mike: "Don't say that."
AJ: "Why not? It's the truth! It's how a black man gets treated by the cops. You should know."
Mike: "I may be a cop, but I'm also your foster father."
AJ: "No, you ain't."
Mike: "Okay, well, I'm gonna be."
AJ: "Why? We both know this ain't gonna work."
Mike: "Of course it is."
AJ: "Why are you even doing this?"
Mike: "I'm trying to help you, AJ."
AJ: "You don't know how to help me, Mike! You got no idea what it's like to be living down to the low expectations society has for you. 'Foster kid?' 'Black kid?' 'Oh! You must be headed for gangs, drugs, jail.' I've been hearing it so long, I'm starting to wonder if they're right."
Mike: "They're not right, AJ! And you should stop listening to those people right now!
AJ: "Except there's a lot more of them and only one of me."
Mike: "Not anymore. Now there's two. Right? There's two of us."
(AJ tries to leave but Mike stops him.)
Mike: "Come here! And this cop sees a bright talented, decent young man. This cop's not gonna let you live down to anybody's expectations. You understand me? Come here! All you need is someone who believes in you. Someone you can count on and I'm gonna be that person. You know why? 'Cause I have to believe in a world where a kid like you gets a real chance. That's why I'm doing this, AJ."

-AJ being upset after being racially profiled by a cop.

It's My PartyEdit

AJ (to Callie): "I never gave you a present."
(AJ gives Callie a homemade drawing of her as a comic book superhero named "Super Callie". AJ and Callie both laugh at the picture)
Callie: (chuckles) "Super Callie?"
AJ: "I know it's stupid, but Marvel already took all the good names."
Callie: (continues to laugh) "You're such a dork."

-AJ giving Callie her birthday present.

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